Your Personal Data

What type of personal data do we collect?

Personal data means information relating to an individual.

We collect personal data through the course of providing you with our services. Personal data includes the information you provide, information we collect as you use our services, information we receive from our group companies and business partners, information uploaded by other users, information collected directly from services provided by third parties and information collected from the public domain.

Information you provide

We collect information that you provide or create when you use our services.

For example, when you sign up for a LINE account, you provide us with information such as your phone number. Also, when you create your public profile, you provide us with a display name, profile picture, and other information you wish to use.

Information we collect as you use our services

We also collect information that is automatically sent by your device when you use our services.

This includes information regarding the devices—whether smartphone or PC—and operating systems you use to access our services, the language you use on your device, and information related to how often you open the LINE App.

Information we receive from group companies & business partners

LINE also works with our group companies and business partners to provide services for you.

For example, if you sign up for the LINE Pay service, which is provided by another LINE group company called LINE Pay Corporation (depending on your location), LINE may receive information based on the privacy policy of that group company.

Also, if you link another company's services to your LINE account, we may receive associated information from the company that provides the service, such as the user ID linked with the account.

Information uploaded by other users

Other users, while using LINE services, may provide us with information which includes the personal data of third parties.

For example, your friend may post a photo which includes you on their LINE VOOM.

Information collected directly from services provided by third parties

We provide functions that can be used on third-party websites and apps (plug-in functions) such as the "LINE Share" button and "Like" button. If such a plug-in function is installed on a third-party website or app, LINE may collect information directly from the website or app of that third party.

Information collected from websites and apps that have plug-in functions may include information about the websites you logged into using your LINE account and the websites you visited while logged in to your LINE account.

Information collected from public domain

LINE collects publicly available information.

The public information collected by LINE includes online news published on the Internet.

How do we use personal data?

LINE collects and uses personal data in accordance with the LINE Privacy Policy to provide and maintain services and contents. We also use that personal data to develop and improve on, strengthen security and prevent the unauthorized use of, and provide you with personalized services and content.

Provide and maintain services

We use your personal data to help provide a stable and smooth experience using LINE services.

For example, if your friends have your phone number, your friends can search for your LINE account using the phone number you provided during your LINE account registration. Your friends can then recognize that it is your LINE account via your public profile. This means that with the personal data collected we are providing a way for you to connect with your friends at any time.

Develop and improve services and content

The personal data we collect allows us to develop new services and improve on existing services to better serve you.

For example, we collect information about what LINE App features you use frequently to ensure that you can use those features conveniently.

Strengthen security and prevent unauthorized use

To provide you with a safe environment for staying in touch with your friends, family and loved ones on LINE services, we analyze information to help protect you, other users, the public and LINE.

For example, when we find users who engage in spamming activities, like sending messages indiscriminately to a lot of users—which is against the LINE Terms & Conditions of Use—we may take action against them, which may include banning their accounts.

Personalize content

We also use the personal data we collect to help you find what you like and to provide you with better search results.

For example, we may arrange the order of the stickers at the LINE Store based on your prior sticker purchasing history, so when you visit the LINE Store, it’ll be easier for you to discover new stickers that you may like.

Do we share personal data?

In certain limited circumstances, LINE shares personal data with LINE group companies and business partners to support the provision of services.

We never share your personal data unless we have obtained your consent or beyond what is permitted by laws and regulations. We work with LINE group companies and business partners to better provide you with LINE services and partnering services. For example, if you choose to sign up for a LINE Pay account, we share the information you registered with your LINE account—such as your phone number—to LINE Pay to speed up the opening of the LINE Pay account.

In addition, to facilitate the delivery of LINE services like customer support, we are assisted by certain LINE group companies and business partners, who use your personal data in accordance with our instructions.

We do not sell your personal data to third parties.

How do we secure personal data?

LINE implements strict technical and organizational security for the protection of your personal data.

Since your personal data will be held by us while your LINE account is active, we will always make our best efforts to ensure that your personal data is securely maintained.

If you want further details on how your personal data is being protected, please see the Security & Privacy page here:

Security & Privacy