Privacy Principles

All of our services at LINE are built on trust, along with a commitment to always protect your privacy properly. As part of that commitment—as well as to comply with all applicable privacy rules and regulations—we make a point of following these principles:

  • 1. Collecting only the personal data that is reasonably necessary for accomplishing the purpose of use;
  • 2. Clearly informing you about the personal data we collect;
  • 3. Clearly informing you why we collect that information;
  • 4. Establishing the appropriate controls to maintain the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your personal data;
  • 5. Deleting personal data once its purpose of use has been completed;
  • 6. Fully respecting all of your privacy rights;
  • 7. Explaining our privacy practices in a clear and straightforward manner; and,
  • 8. Strictly following all the privacy commitments we make to you.