LINE Corporation has reorganized to LY Corporation on October 1, 2023.
Please click here to visit the corporate website of LY Corporation.
The information contained in this page is as of September 30, 2023.

Additional Notes

We want to be transparent about the handling of your personal data. Therefore, we want you to be informed of the following privacy topics when you use our services.

Third-party modules and cookies

In some circumstances, in addition to the modules or cookies that LINE may issue or develop, we may embed third-party modules, cookies or other tracking technologies. These tracking technologies help us place LINE ads on the internet, to measure the effectiveness of the ads on LINE, to determine how much we should pay our advertising agencies, or to help us understand how some LINE services are being used.

As such third-party modules or cookies may be present within LINE services, we would like you to know that, in some limited circumstances, these third parties may have direct access to information such as your device’s or browser’s identifiers, your language settings, or your browsing habits on LINE services. These third parties may use the information for their own purposes and under their own responsibility, the terms of which are set out in their own respective privacy policies.


Depending on the country you are in and the services used by you, we may use your personal data to deliver personalized ads to you on LINE services and to deliver LINE ads on third-party websites.

You can always choose whether or not you would like to receive personalized ads. For example, in “Ad Settings”, which you can access from Settings> Privacy > Ad Settings, you can choose to disable the delivery of certain personalized ads. On the same settings page, you can see the instructions under “Ad optimization” for how to turn off other types of personalized ads.