Our Approach to CSR

—  “Closing the Distance” through working together with our valued stakeholders —

Our corporation mission, "Closing the Distance," means that we aim to bring the people of the world closer to each other, to information, and to services.
As part of this approach, we also seek to put our users at ease as they communicate with their family and friends, and make the places they live richer and more convenient.
That is why our approach to CSR is to work together proactively with all involved parties – including individuals, schools, companies, local governments, and government agencies – in order to solve social problems and to create a new value through communication.

Addressing Social Issues

LINE is a popular messaging app, boasting about 200 million monthly active users worldwide, with an especially strong presence in Asia. In Japan in particular, many young people prefer to communicate using LINE, rather than phone calls or email. But, at the same time, we are also seeing an increase in problems related to online communication involving young people, particularly children. That is why, in order to ensure our users can enjoy a safe and secure communication experience, we have joined together with young people, teachers, parents, and government agencies to improve the functionality of our services and conduct educational activities about netiquette and internet literacy.

Working with Our Stakeholders to Create Social Value

LINE is about far more than just keeping in touch with loved ones more conveniently; our messaging app and other services enrich our users' lives. Some examples of these efforts include: making it more convenient to use services provided by governmental agencies and companies, making it easier for users to get their questions answered and receive other advice from experts, and providing new channels for cities to showcase themselves to wider audiences. Through LINE's ability to bring people together, disseminate information and engage emotions, we will continue to work on creating social value.

Building Trust: The Foundation of LINE's CSR Efforts

In all we do, LINE is committed to being a company that society can trust. This is the foundation of our CSR activities. In the LINE Group Code of Conduct, we promise always to do our best to comply with all laws and regulations, to respect diversity in how we conduct our business, and to contribute to society (through disaster assistance, environmental protection, social welfare, education, art, and cultural promotion activities).

CSR Activities

Here you can find some examples of our efforts to improve communication and contribute to communities, as we seek to be a company that is socially responsible.

  • Improving Communication
    Our CSR programs focus on educating people – especially young people – about internet-related problems and improving the functionality of our services.
  • Working Together with Local Communities
    LINE’s CSR programs are aimed at creating safer, more full of life.