LINE Launches the LINE FRIENDS NFT Collection

2021.08.31 ALL


■ Users in Japan can collect LINE FRIENDS NFT through a quiz event on LINE de Oubo 


SEONGNAM, South Korea – August 31, 2021 LINE Tech Plus, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation and operator of LINE's global crypto asset and blockchain-related businesses, has launched a LINE FRIENDS non-fungible token (NFT) collection using LINE Blockchain. 



Non-fungible tokens are digital assets that use blockchain technology to designate whether a piece of digital media is an official copy. The LINE FRIENDS NFT collection offers three NFTs, featuring the globally popular LINE FRIENDS characters, BROWN, SALLY and CONY. LINE FRIENDS NFTs will be given to 600,000 users in Japan who successfully answer a quiz event held on the LINE de Oubo platform. One additional secret LINE FRIENDS NFT will be given to a limited number of users who have collected all three NFTs. Further details regarding the LINE FRIENDS NFTs can be found on the LINE Blockchain website ( 


In order to expand the LINE token economy and blockchain ecosystem, LINE recently introduced a beta version of an NFT market on LINE BITMAX Wallet in Japan through LVC Corporation, a subsidiary of LINE Corporation and operator of LINE’s crypto asset and blockchain-related businesses in Japan. To deliver new user values based on blockchain technology and enhance the usage of the crypto asset LINK, LINE will continue introducing NFT-related services in the future.


■ About LINE 

Based in Japan, LINE is dedicated to the mission of “Closing the Distance,” bringing together information, services and people. The LINE messaging app launched in June 2011 and since then has grown into a diverse, global ecosystem that includes AI technology, fintech and more. LINE joined the Z Holdings Group, one of the largest internet service groups in Japan, following the completion of a business integration in March 2021.



LINE FRIENDS is a global character brand that originally started from BROWN & FRIENDS, created for use as stickers for the leading mobile messenger app LINE and its 200 million active users worldwide. Taking a step further, the company has emerged as a global creative studio by offering diversified content based on its wide array of Intellectual Property (IP)s including 'BT21', characters created together with a global boy band BTS. LINE FRIENDS is also expanding its IP-based business by partnering with global media and game companies including Netflix, SUPERCELL and NEXON, further diversifying its digital contents to become a leading global creative studio. LINE FRIENDS has also collaborated with a number of renowned brands including Bang&Olufsen, Converse, LAMY, and Leica, all aligned with the company’s philosophy and value to release premium character products. LINE FRIENDS has operated more than 260 stores in a total of 15 markets in New York, LA, Tokyo, Seoul and Shanghai. Since it became an independent company in January 2015, LINE FRIENDS continues to win the hearts of Millennials and Gen Z worldwide through interactive digital communication across multiple retail touchpoints including its online sales platforms.