[Our Stories] Taipei Calling — From a New Home

2021.05.25 Corporate

It’s the dawn of a new era for LINE in Taiwan, as both LINE and LINE Bank have gotten a new home, coming together to create LINE’s largest office outside Japan.

Filling seven stories and 9,917 square meters, LINE Taiwan’s new location is in Taipei’s Neihu Technology Park, named after the bustling capital’s northern district. 

At first glance Neihu’s mountainous terrain might not strike some as a tech hot spot. Considered a hidden gem by local hiking enthusiasts and temple visitors, the area is better known for the popular Dahu Park and the iconic Bishan Temple.  

But at LINE, we make a point of expressing our work culture through our offices, creating spaces that encourage creativity, teamwork and fresh thinking. That extends to where our offices are, and Neihu Technology Park was chosen for how the area could bring the serenity of the surrounding parks into the office, creating a calm and energetic space. “Compared to the old office, the new one is so bright and green,” says Kaka Ko, head of LINE Taiwan’s BX Design Team. 

Taipei Office 2.0 – Ready for tomorrow

Like in Tokyo, the team in Taiwan saw the move as a great opportunity to revisit the working style of Taipei’s LINERs. Ensuring the ample choice in working areas was high on the priority list. Dotted with houseplants and big French windows, the atmosphere inside is open and peaceful, with a variety of design styles and a hotdesk system so employees can choose the spot that best matches their mood each day. 

"The reason for our move was to ensure sufficient space for everyone as the company grows,” Ko says. “The flexible seating arrangement balances the needs and wants of teams, creating a sense of a co-working space."

To enable a comfortable working environment, LINE’s technology has been harnessed to make everything run smoothly. For example, at the entrance to the office, access control is being managed by applying LINE’s CLOVA face recognition technology. It recognizes the faces of LINE employees and lets them in – no more time wasted trying to find an ID badge in the morning rush!

Employee wellbeing is a top priority for LINE and it doesn’t stop at physical health. When LINERs are in need of a break and a strong cappuccino from the LINE Café doesn’t cut it anymore, they can head to the meditation room. “This is another place I really like,” says Ko. “People can come here alone or with their colleagues when they need to recharge.” 


Last but not least, guests to the new LINE office are greeted by Mega BROWN, the world’s largest version of LINE’s iconic bear character. This friendly giant sits 4 meters tall and was crafted from start to finish by local craftsmen. Truly an impressive greeting to an impressive new office.