Q&A Platform Wizball Attracts Over 30,000 Questions Mobile Version Releases Today, Following PC Version Launched Earlier

2018.12.27 Other Services

● Earn LINK Points with questions, answers, and votes

● Over 150 Wizball-authorized professionals available in a wide variety of topics, including IT, law, and leisure.

● Special promotion for users to receive a share of 10,000 LINK Points begins today



TOKYO – December 19, 2017 – LINE Corporation ("LINE") announces the launch of the mobile browser version of its Q&A Platform Wizball, one of the dApps (decentralized apps) built on LINK Chain, a blockchain network developed by LINE, following the PC and app (Android) versions released earlier.


With the rise of fake news that intentionally disseminates false and groundless rumors, people are increasingly questioning the credibility of information found on the internet. In order to stop the spread of fake news and raise awareness about incorrect information, key social medias and search services are taking active measures, such as running workshops on how to verify facts and compose accurate articles, in order to educate journalists on the importance of evaluating information from primary sources.


Today, there are numerous Q&A services available online that allow users to post questions and answers without revealing their identity. While anonymity lowers the barrier for people to join the platform, this also interferes with service provider intents to ensure information credibility, especially when offering professional advice.


Against the backdrop that information integrity is being questioned, LINE announces the full-scale launch of Wizball, a Q&A platform featuring advice from experts that is built on LINE's own blockchain network called LINK Chain.


Wizball, delivered as a beta version in September 2018, is one of the dApps (decentralized apps) comprising the LINE Token Economy concept that aims to flatten the relationship between users and service providers and promote co-creation and mutual growth. More than 30,000 questions were posted within the first three months on PC browser and on Android app. Today, Wizball also becomes available on mobile browsers. *1

*1: Refer to https://linecorp.com/ja/pr/news/ja/2018/2395 (Japanese only)


Wizball rewards users with LINK Points as an incentive to perform activities on its platform, such as posting questions, answering questions, and casting votes. Participants also gain WPs (Wiz Power) according to their level of contribution.  Besides the LINK Point that one can receive for every activity on the service, Wizball also distributes dividend bonuses periodically based on the number of WPs and other criteria.

*1 LINK Point = 500 LINE Points


Because Wizball operates on LINK Chain, LINE's own blockchain network, all records of distributed incentives are saved on the blockchain. This means that user valuation is determined in a trusted and transparent environment. LINE is currently working on utilizing blockchain technology for storing user contribution and other data as well. In this world where people are overloaded with information, LINE leverages its blockchain technology to create an environment that realizes unbiased information sharing for all users, eliminating arbitrariness of service providers.


More on Q&A Platform Wizball

■ Cannot find answers by conventional search or feel reluctant to ask a friend?

 Over 150 Wizball-authorized experts available from various fields 

Wizball is the place to seek answers that may not be easily available by internet search.Users can ask questions that require highly professional knowledge, such as IT and law, or post more causal and daily inquiries, like personal relationships and travel tips. Wizball connects users with over 150 professionals in various fields, including IT, legal consultation, personal relationships, management, and more to receive useful advice and knowledge from certified experts.


Key Categories

IT/Technology, Life, Entertainment, Travel, Love/Personal Relationships, Fashion/Beauty, Education/Academics/Law, Job Search/Workplace, Sports/Leisure, Business/Economics


Professional Alliances

en Factory, Inc., SHAREDINE, Co., etc.


● Earn LINK Points with questions, answers, and votes

 Periodic dividend bonuses delivered based on user contribution level

LINK Points are not only given to those who provide answers. Users can also earn LINK Points by posting questions or casting a vote. LINK Points can be exchanged to LINE Points, valued at JPY 1 per Point, and used as LINE Pay account balance to make payments at over one million locations across Japan or make purchases in various LINE services (residents of Japan only). In addition, Wizball delivers periodic dividend bonuses based on certain criteria such as the number of WPs (Wiz Power), which is accumulated by performing activities on the platform.

*1 LINK Point = 500 LINE Points


■ Leverages LINE's own blockchain technology to offer a trusted and transparent Q&A platform

All records of distributed incentives that are rewarded as a result of user activity (asking questions, answering questions, and casting votes) are saved on LINK Chain, LINE's own blockchain technology. This ensures that such data are reliable and transparent to all users on the blockchain network.



The "LINE Token Economy" concept uses LINE's internally-developed blockchain network "LINK Chain" (mainnet) to build a "LINK Ecosystem" that aims to change the relationship between users and service providers from a hierarchical to a flat structure to promote co-creation and mutual growth.


About Wizball

Platforms: Browser (PC, mobile), App (Android)

Language: Japanese

Region: Japan

Service launch: September 27, 2018 (beta version)

Price: Free of charge

Developer and operator: LINE Corporation

Copyright: © LINE Corporation

Browser (PC) https://wizball.io

Browser (mobile) https://m.wizball.io

Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.aube.linebaito