[Japan] LINE Pay Scan Bill to Support Post-Payment Industry Leader Net Protections

2018.12.17 LINE Pay

Use smartphones to scan barcode printed on invoice by 16,500 retailers and brands, including Nano Universe and Lush Japan


TOKYO – December 17, 2018 – LINE Pay Corporation, operator of mobile money transfer and payment service LINE Pay (http://line.me/pay) available on the LINE messaging app, announces that Net Protections,Inc. ("Net Protections") will accept invoice payments with LINE Pay Scan Bill starting today.


Net Protections offers two payment services: NP Post-Pay, the #1 domestic market share post-payment service for mail order and internet shopping where customers can make payments at convenient stores, and atone, a post-payment service for registered members to settle purchase balance the following month without the use of credit cards. 

NP Post-Pay has a gross merchandise value of JPY 200 billion and is used by more than 16,500 retailers. This means that 70% of major mail order/internet shopping retailers and one in ten consumers in Japan use NP Post-Pay today. 

Net Protections' other settlement service, atone, enables customers to pay for online shopping as well as purchases at physical stores without the use of credit cards. After signing up for a free membership, customers enter their mobile phone number and password to start shopping immediately, and the total purchase balance can be settled collectively in the following month at convenience stores. In addition, users can earn points for shopping with atone where these points can be used to settle part or all of the purchase balance.

Starting today, NP Post-Pay and atone invoices will accept LINE Pay Scan Bill as one of their payment methods.


Scan Bill enables users to settle public utility bills and mail order invoices with LINE Pay anytime, just by scanning the barcode printed on the invoice. Scan Bill helps to reduce overdue invoices by eliminating the need for users to prepare cash and visit stores to pay their bills. Businesses who issue invoices can benefit from increased collection rate, making Scan Bill a valuable service for both businesses and users.


In addition, payments made with Scan Bill count towards LINE Pay My Level*1, an incentive program that allows users to save on their utility fees and mail orders payments by using rewarded points. Users can earn a specified amount of LINE Points for settling their NP Post-Pay and atone invoices with LINE Pay, and have a choice to use the Points to pay off future bills*2.  


Important Notice

Processing fee for payments using Scan Bill may apply at the user's expense for invoices issued by certain collection agencies. 

Users will be informed during the payment process if any fees will be charged.


*1: LINE Pay My Level is a program to incentivize users with LINE Points (0.5% up to 2% when paid with LINE Pay) based on the user's previous month LINE Pay transaction amount. Payments using the Scan Bill feature also count towards the My Level program.  Earned LINE Points can be used to pay invoices with Scan Bill (some restrictions apply). 1 LINE Point equates to JPY 1 that can be applied to future purchases and payments. My Level incentive program is subject to change without prior notice.

*2: Not all LINE Pay merchants accept payments with LINE Points.


To use LINE Pay Scan Bill, go to LINE Pay main menu by launching the LINE main smartphone app, then tap the Wallet tab (wallet icon) and the amount displayed on the top of the screen.


LINE Pay closes the distance between people, money, and services by eliminating existing pain-points – time, effort, fees, and more – of circulating money, and aims to lead the mobile FinTech industry as the world moves increasingly towards a cashless and walletless society. The company also aims to lead the mobile FinTech industry as the world moves increasingly towards a cashless and walletless society.


■ How to use LINE Pay Scan Bill 

(*)If not registered for LINE Pay, tap on the Welcome to LINE Pay banner and accept the Terms of Use to complete registration process

1) Launch your LINE smartphone app and tap the Wallet tab (wallet icon), then tap the amount on the top of the screen (*)

2) Tap Scan Bill from the main menu

3) Read the instructions and tap Next to launch Code Reader

4) Scan barcode printed on invoice

5) Confirm invoice details

6) Choose to settle amount

7) Enter passcode (PIN)

8) Payment complete (a confirmation message will be sent to your LINE app)


Net Protections,Inc. Overview

Company Name: Net Protections,Inc.

Head office: Sumitomo Fudousan Kojimachi First Building 5F, 4-2-6 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Shin Shibata, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

Capital: JPY 100 million

Established: January 2000

Primary business:

- Operation of NP Post-Pay, a post-pay settlement service

- Operation of NP Credit Sales, a BtoB settlement service

- Operation of NP Post-Pay air, a post-pay settlement service for door-to-door sales

- Operation of atone, a credit cardless settlement service

- Operation of AFTEE, a mobile post-pay settlement service in Taiwan

- Operation of NP Point Club


LINE Pay Corporation Overview (as of May 11, 2018)

Company name: LINE Pay Corporation

Head office: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 23F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Yongsu Ko, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

Capital: JPY 3.6 billion

Established: May 9, 2014

Primary business:

- Issuance, sales, and management of e-money, other electronic monetary value, and advance payment methods, provision of digital payment systems, and funds transfer

- Sales and operation of LINE@

- Operation of LINE Kakeibo

- Service development

- Advertising agency


List of invoice types accepting payment by LINE Pay Scan Bill:

https://line.me/ja/pay/merchant/invoiceline  (Japanese only)


LINE Pay Corporation is a registered member of the following organization and has obtained the following registrations in association with the launch of its business:

- Issuers of Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business 

(Registration number: the Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau 00669, Registration date: October 1, 2014)

- Funds Transfer Service Providers 

(Registration number: the Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau General 00036, Registration date: October 1, 2014)

- Japan Payment Service Association (http://www.s-kessai.jp, Admission date: August 6, 2014)