[Japan] LINE Official Account to Launch New Price Plans Today LINE Service for Business Partners Initiates Full-Scale “Redesign” Update

2018.12.03 Services for Business

● Further enrich LINE Service for Business Partners with LINE Official Account as mainstay

● LINE Official Account and LINE@ to be consolidated in Spring 2019


TOKYO – December 3, 2018 – LINE Corporation announces to launch new price plans for its LINE Official Account starting today as part of the "Redesign" project to overhaul LINE Biz-Solutions, a platform for business partners that leverages LINE and LINE-related services.


■ Consolidate user data previously fragmented by each solution enabling businesses to engage users with most suitable contents and services, and build long-term company-user relationships

Through various services, such as LINE accounts for businesses (LINE Official Account, LINE Business Connect, LINE Customer Connect, and LINE@), programmatic advertisement (LINE Ads Platform), and solutions to address retailer sales promotion demands (LINE Sales Promotion), LINE has continued to offer valuable and informative touch points for both businesses and users, while exploring diverse opportunities to make the best use of its communication infrastructure.

However, up until now, services had limited interaction with each other and user data collected by individual solutions could not be leveraged to the fullest extent. With this background, LINE Service for Business Partners undergoes a "Redesign" update to consolidate user data that were previously isolated in each solution. This will empower businesses to deliver most suitable contents and services to its users in a way that leads to establishing long-term company-user relationships. 


■ LINE Account Connect, LINE Ads Platform, and LINE Sales Promotion: Three pillars to leverage LINE as full-funnel marketing

After the "Redesign" initiative, LINE will introduce the following three solutions for business partners to be collectively called LINE Biz-Solutions, along with refurbished service logos. 




By strengthening data sharing between these three key solutions, businesses can maximize and leverage LINE's extensive 78 million MAU user base (as of October 2018) to deliver demographically targeted contents and services. LINE Biz-Solutions will not only be a place to deliver advertisements, but will continue to evolve as a service that encourages long-term relationship building between companies and users.


■ LINE launches new price plan today in light of merging LINE Official Account and LINE@

LINE Official Account, the mainstay service for business partners, is scheduled to merge with LINE@ in Spring 2019.

Consolidating LINE Official Account (for large enterprises) and LINE@ (for SME and retailers) will level out the functional differences between these two services and allow businesses to enjoy diverse features more seamlessly, while enabling users to obtain the information they need from a larger company base.


Today LINE launches new price plans for LINE Official Account in light of the merge of these two account services.

Under the new price plan, businesses can own and operate a LINE Official Account from as low as JPY 0 a month. The previously offered API-Based Official Account, LINE Business Account, and LINE Customer Connect will be consolidated into the new LINE Official Account, where these features will be available by requesting the optional API feature on the new LINE Official Account.


Not only can enterprises send blast messages as before, the new LINE Official Account price plan encourages businesses to be more proactive in sending targeted messages and API messages via CMS. LINE strives to enable enterprises to deliver the right messages to the right users in its pursuit to enhance the value of LINE Official Account as a communication tool.


By expanding advertisement offerings and making continuous improvements to its platform, LINE provides valuable information touch points for businesses and users, and continues to explore new and diverse ways to leverage its communication infrastructure. 


■ Reopening of LINE for Business  https://www.linebiz.com/jp/ (Japanese only)

LINE for Business, a web portal for business partners, is now reopen after a major update. Interested companies are encouraged to visit LINE for Business for latest information regarding LINE Biz-Solutions and other services for business partners offered on the LINE platform.