[Japan] LINE Ads Platform Introduces LINE Dynamic Ads

2018.11.29 Services for Business

● A new dynamic retargeting advertising service

● Delivers ads matching user preferences and interests based on users’ online activity history    

● Potential user reach of LINE Timeline’s more than 68 million MAU


TOKYO – November 29, 2018 – LINE Dynamic Ads has been launched as a new service for the LINE Ads Platform, a performance-based ad platform for the LINE messaging app and related services operated by LINE Corporation.


The LINE Ads Platform, which targets LINE and LINE-related services, has been distributing ads to LINE Timeline and LINE NEWS since it was established in June 2016, and has recently expanded its distribution to include LINE BLOG, LINE Manga and LINE Points. More than 6,000 businesses and brands are using the service as of the end of July 2018.


User behavior history enabling the delivery of ads to match individual user needs 

LINE Corporation has now introduced LINE Dynamic Ads as a new advertising option of LINE Ads Platform.*1 LINE Dynamic Ads are in-feed dynamic retargeting ads that automatically generate*2 optimized ad material based on users’ web activity history. LINE Dynamic Ads makes it possible to deliver ads that match the preferences and interests of users by accumulating and analyzing user behavior data*4 on advertisers’ websites using LINE Tag,*3 which measures user behavior on websites. These automatically generated ads can reach an enormous number of users because they are delivered on LINE Timeline, which is visited by more than 68 million users every month*5. In the future, LINE Corporation intends to broaden delivery to other platforms besides Timeline in order to expand its reach as well as to reach more diverse users.


*1: The service is currently offered to specific targeted business sectors.

*2: Product feeds can be registered via services provided by an ad tech partner certified by LINE Corporation or any of the three companies specified by LINE Corporation itself. Please make an inquiry for further details.

*3: LINE Tag is a tracking code for measuring user behavior in areas such as browsing and purchasing products and registering as members on websites.

*4: Delivery of ads based on user behavior history can be suspended or resumed at any time by the users themselves by adjusting the settings. 

 Details of setting instructions can be found by accessing the “Friends” tab > Settings> Privacy > Ad settings> Ad optimization in the LINE app.

*5: Number of active monthly users in Japan as of September 30, 2018


LINE Ads Platform has been undergoing a major system update since August 2018 and has been migrating to the new system in stages. In the future, the LINE Ads Platform intends to promote further optimization for users through the use of purchase data within LINE services and linking the targeting feature with LINE Official Accounts. Furthermore, with continued accumulation and use of data, LINE Ads Platform intends to optimize corporate and brand marketing activities and provide solutions through further optimization and refinement of its advertising distribution system. 


By providing optimal services and platforms to meet the needs of both companies and users, LINE intends to provide valuable information touch points and expand its potential for various uses as communication infrastructure.


For more information on the use of LINE Ads Platform, please contact: lap_req@linecorp.com 

LINE Ads Platform official website (Japanese only): http://lap.linemk.com