[Japan]Closing of LINE GAME Titles and Information on Refunds

2018.12.04 Game

LINE Corporation (Headquarters: Shinjuku, Tokyo. CEO: Takeshi Idezawa) will be closing some of its game titles under its LINE Games division as of 3pm, December 4 (GMT+9).
LINE Games seeks to further cement its position as a global gaming platform by concentrating capital on titles that are growing at a faster rate.

In accordance with the Payment Services Act, Article 20, Paragraph 1, customers will be entitled to claim refunds as described below for in-game currencies remaining in their account (hereafter referred to as paid-for prepaid payment instrument balance) at the time the game closes.

We would like to express our sincere thanks to all our users to date. LINE Games will continue to work to bring enjoyable games to everyone. Thank you for your understanding.

Information on the game titles that will be closed as well as the prepaid payment instruments to be refunded can be found below.
■ Game title closure and refundable prepaid payment instrument types
Paid-for prepaid instrument balances that have not been used by 3pm, December 4, 2018 (GMT+9) will be refunded.

■ Issuer of prepaid items to be refunded
LINE Corporation

■ Refund application process
1. Access the Refund Application Form (located at https://refund.line.me/) and log in using the mail address and password associated with your LINE account.
 Please access the form using a computer browser, as accessing it from a mobile device may cause it to not function properly.
2. Select the game for which you wish to request a refund, and confirm that the amount shown is correct.
3. Enter your bank account information for the bank transfer, then submit the form. Note: if your outstanding balance was zero, then you will not be prompted to enter any bank account information.

For players using Guest Login:
The instructions above are only for those players using LINE Login.
In order to apply for a refund, players using Guest Login will have to access the inquiry form via the link below. Please use the form to let us know that you wish to be refunded, making sure to include the game title in question in your message. We will then provide you with an email address to send your balance and bank account information to.

▼ Inquiry form

■ Refund application period
From 3pm, December 20, 2018 to 3pm, March 6, 2019 (GMT+9)
Any application forms received before or after this period will NOT be considered.

■ Refund process
Once your refund application has been processed, an amount equivalent to your paid-for prepaid payment instrument balance will be transferred to your account in Japanese yen.
Money transfer fees, whether for national or international transactions, will be paid by us.
However, when transferring funds to overseas accounts, some additional fees such as intermediary fees or currency exchange fees may be levied. Unfortunately, we are unable to pay these fees.

■ Inquiries
Please contact LINE Corporation (Tokyo Shinjuku-ku Shinjuku 4-1-6 JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 23F) via the inqury form located at https://contact.line.me/

■ Notes
- Refunds will be processed no earlier than March 15, 2019 (GMT+9), after the refund application period has finished.
- If you wish to make any changes to the information you provided on your Refund Application Form, simply fill out the form and submit again. Only the last form you submit will be processed for refunds.

Thank you.