[Global] Introducing "Flex Message," a New Messaging API Option That Offers Customizable Layouts

2018.06.12 Technology

● Message layouts can be customized with images, buttons, and more

● Represents a drastic improvement to the UI and UX, making it possible to send more intuitive and better designed messages


TOKYO – June 12, 2018 – "Flex Message" – a new type of message for the Messaging API that offers customizable layouts – has been launched for the LINE messaging app by LINE Corporation. With Flex Message, developers can tailor layouts by combining elements like images, buttons, and more, and integrate them with LINE Business Connect and other API-based LINE accounts.



"Flex Message" allows for highly customizable message layouts


"Flex Message" is a new message type available through the "Messaging API," an API that makes it possible to carry out two-way communication with users via LINE accounts.

* An API-based LINE account such as LINE Business Connect or a Messaging API-enabled LINE@ channel is required to use Flex Message.

* LINE version 7.1.4 (iOS/Android) or above is required.


Up until now, the Messaging API only allowed simple messages (displaying content such as text, stickers, or images) and "templates" (a message type allowing the placement of multiple buttons and URLs). Though these templates were particularly useful when offering multiple choices to users, they were limited in how many buttons could be added and their layouts were restricted.


Flex Message is a new messaging type that allows for highly customizable message layouts. This system allows businesses and developers to use a fixed display frame as a base to customize the message layout in a manner very similar to HTML, with each component coming together in a nice, orderly design. A wide variety of message layouts are now possible, including the ability to freely change the size and color of text, or even the option to add images right in the middle of messages or in certain sections of the header.


Enabling these customizable message layouts will open the door for businesses and developers to use a drastically improved UI and UX, along with the ability to send more intuitive and better designed messages, ultimately resulting in vastly expanded options for communicating with users.


Flex Message has been made available to certain top-ranked partners and API Experts*1 under the "LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program."*2 Support for Flex Messages will begin today in "DigitalOne DecAds" (offered by D.A.Consortium Inc. (DAC)) and "DECAds Connect Edition" (offered by transcosmos inc.).

*1 LINE API Expert is a LINE initiative to help developers become better versed in its APIs, in addition to certifying, providing perks to, and supporting engineers with strong technical skills and who are influential within their communities.

*2 LINE Biz-Solutions Partner Program is a program offered by LINE to certify and award advertising agencies and service developers that sell, or develop for, LINE's business services.


Under its corporate mission of "Closing the Distance," LINE will strengthen its alliances with external companies and partners as well as external developers, and undertake various initiatives. In doing so, LINE will bring users closer to a wide variety of information, services, and products, and create comfortable relationships.


See the following link instructions on how to implement the Messaging API and format information: 



About the Messaging API

The "Messaging API" is an application programming interface (API) made publicly available by LINE Corporation that enables bilateral communication with users via LINE accounts. In addition to sending messages to users, the Messaging API enables API-based account owners to act upon the messages received from users, and even create and develop accounts linked to external services.