LINE Launches Earthquake Relief and Disaster Preparedness Initiatives on the Fifth Anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake

2016.03.08 LINE App

‘March 11 Togetherness Stickers’ Sold to Aid Tohoku Revitalization Efforts 

‘Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations’ Leaflet Distributed Online


Tokyo, Japan – March 8, 2016 – Five years ago, the Tohoku region was devastated by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami. LINE Corporation has today announced the release of “March 11 Togetherness Stickers” to provide financial aid to those victims who still need support. LINE will also distribute a leaflet in Japanese, “Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations”, to do its part to help people in Japan be better prepared for future emergencies.


LINE was born in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake, a time when people struggled to find reliable ways to contact their loved ones using existing communication services. The LINE messaging app was launched in June 2011 with the aim of becoming a dependable piece of “communication infrastructure.” Now, five years later, revitalization efforts continue in the areas damaged by the earthquake and tsunami, and there are still many who are forced to live in evacuation shelters. LINE will continue to utilize its services and resources to conduct support activities as it aims to be an ever more beneficial service for those in the Tohoku region and all of its users around the world. 


Details regarding these initiatives are provided below.


March 11 Togetherness Stickers Sold to Aid Tohoku Revitalization Efforts

The March 11 Togetherness Stickers, created to provide revitalization support to the Tohoku region, are a joint collaboration between LINE Corporation and four creators from the LINE Creators Market*1 who received the LINE Creators Stamp Award 2015 (sakumaru, potekol, Kanahei and decosmith). Each sticker evokes the importance of daily connection and togetherness with the original characters drawn by each creator joining hands. The stickers will help to ensure the future of the children in the Tohoku Region.

*1: A platform where LINE users can create and sell their own LINE stickers.


Sold together as eight-sticker set, the March 11 Togetherness Stickers will be available to purchase for 180 days between March 11, 2016 and September 7, 2016 for 120 yen (or 50 LINE Coins). All earned revenue*2 will be donated to Save the Children Japan, an international child rights organization.

*2: Minus service charges charged by app market operators (Apple and Google) and payment services.


※Sold as an eight-sticker set.     


Overview of Tohoku Revitalization Aid Stickers

・Name:                          March 11 Togetherness Stickers

・Participating creators:       sakumaru, potekol, Kanahei, decosmith

・Sale price:                       120 yen (or 50 LINE Coins)

・Sale Period:                     March 11, 2016 to September 7, 2016 (180 days)

・Sale Region:                    Japan

・Party Receiving Donations:  Save the Children Japan

・URL:                                iOS (Starting March 11, 2016)

                                          Android (Starting March 11, 2016)



“Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations” Leaflet Distributed Online

“Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations” is a Japanese-language leaflet that explains how to stay in touch with family and loved ones hitch-free during emergencies or disasters, and how to stay up-to-date with the latest information and reports. It was created by LINE internally based on effective response measures that have actually been implemented during emergencies occurring across the globe. The leaflet will be posted in PDF format on the website for easy download and use. The leaflet will also be distributed at various LINE FRIENDS STORE locations.

/linecorp/en/pr/311_leafret.pngOverview of “Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations”

Content: Making the best use of LINE during emergencies

(Creating groups and notes, sharing location, creating status messages, acquiring disaster information, contacting/acquiring info via non-LINE services, etc.)

Start of distribution and where to obtain:

-PDF version

Date:     March 8, 2016

Location:   LINE Official Blog

URL: (Japanese only)

-Leaflet version

Date:    March 11, 2016

Location:  LINE FRIENDS STORE locations (Harajuku, Sendai, Fukuoka (opening Late March))

Various schools (Interested schools conducting awareness seminars and workshops)



”Useful App Tips for Emergency Situations” Workshop Held

A workshop was held at LINE FRIENDS CAFE & STORE Sendai that gave attendees the opportunity to experience using LINE and other smartphone apps during a simulated emergency situation. Most participants hailed from Miyagi Prefecture, and LINE received valuable feedback from all the attendees. 


Details: Useful tips on smartphone and app use during disasters (primarily based on “Useful LINE Tips for Emergency Situations” leaflet)

Format: Lecture and presentation by LINE Corporation employees; Participant hands-on experience


Date: February 29, 2016 3 sessions (45 minutes each)