[LINE]New "LINE Creators Themes" Lets LINE Users Create and Sell Their Own Themes

2016.02.22 LINE

Creation & Review Guidelines Released Prior to Service Launch Scheduled for Late April


Tokyo, Japan – February 22, 2016 – LINE Corporation has announced the upcoming addition of themes to "LINE Creators Market," enabling LINE users to create and sell their own LINE themes, scheduled for late April, 2016.1

1 Sales will begin on LINE STORE ( https://store.line.me ) in late April and the in-app theme shop in May.


Prior to the global service launch, the official creation & review guidelines for creators' themes have been published on the LINE Creators Market site as of today.


LINE Creators Market official site: https://creator.line.me/en/



LINE Creators Market is a platform through which users can sell LINE stickers they have created themselves. The sale of approved creators' stickers began in May 2014. Participants have joined from all over the world, and as of today, the number of registered creators has grown to 520,000 users, who have created over 230,000 sticker sets. There are even numerous examples of characters originating from these stickers being merchandised or featured in tie-ins with various businesses, expanding their scope far beyond their original sticker usage.


With creators' themes, anybody who has a LINE account, whether individual or enterprise, can create LINE themes2 which, after passing the review process, can be sold to LINE users all over the world through the LINE app's theme shop and LINE STORE (https://store.line.me/). Theme prices can be set by the creator at JPY 360, JPY 480, or JPY 600 (or 150 Coins, 200 Coins, 250 Coins using in-app currency). After handling fees for App Store and Google Play (30%) are deducted, 50% of the remaining amount (35% of total sales) will be paid to the creator3.

2 Theme creation requires up to 48 graphics (including different sizes for iOS and Android, and all required size variations). Also, a registration (free) at LINE Creators Market is required in order to sell themes and stickers.

3 The actual amount received will be the payment amount minus withholding taxes. Tax percentages will differ by the countries in which the creator and purchaser reside.


Creators themes can be based on photos as well as illustrations. Since various graphic elements, such as backgrounds, icons, and menu buttons, are made as separate parts and combined into a set, creators have a lot of freedom in turning their ideas into themes. Those users who have already created stickers will be able to leverage their own characters into themes, thereby creating more in-depth worlds for their characters, taking advantage of the fact that unlike individual stickers, an interface theme is continuously on display once applied. Artists and entertainers will be able to feature characters or caricatures in their promotional and merchandising activities.


Today LINE released the official creation and review guidelines for creators' themes on its LINE Creators Market official site. Theme submissions for review are expected to commence on April 15, 2016, and the sale of approved themes are expected to start in late April.


Through LINE Creators Market, LINE aims at developing a creator-activity based ecosystem. LINE will continue to move forward with its global platform as an important part of the world's smartphone based communication infrastructure.