LINE NEXT Brings DOSI Citizen NFTs to Colombia’s Carnival de Barranquilla

2023.02.15 ALL

■Limited edition of 300,000 Carnival of Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFTs to be given to newly-joining users 

■Promotion designed to introduce DOSI and NFTs to South American users through a major cultural event

■Expanding DOSI to North and South America market based on NFT user growth there 


SEONGNAM, South Korea – February 15, 2023 – LINE NEXT Inc., LINE’s venture dedicated to developing and expanding the NFT ecosystem, is bringing the fun and excitement of NFTs to one of South America’s biggest and most exciting festivals — Colombia’s Carnival de Barranquilla. Starting today, limited edition Carnival de Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFTs are being given away to new users on its global NFT platform DOSI.




The Carnival de Barranquilla, a Colombian festival held each year over the four days before Lent (this year, February 18-21), blending European, African and Colombian cultures and traditions through music and dance. It is one of the biggest festivals in South America and is listed on the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage List. The Carnival de Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFTs are based on the Marimonda character, which represents the Carnival and looks like a cross between an elephant and monkey. 


Users who sign up for DOSI Wallet, DOSI’s dedicated NFT wallet service, in February can receive one of the limited edition of 300,000 Carnival de Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFTs. The DOSI Citizen NFT is the official membership NFT automatically given to users when they sign up for a DOSI Wallet. For this promotion, 300,000 users will receive Carnival de Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFTs instead of the original DOSI Citizen character NFTs for their membership.  


With the membership, users can acquire membership points called DON by participating in community activities or according to their NFT purchase amounts. Using the points gained, users can upgrade their DOSI Citizen membership levels or participate in events to win various NFT prizes.


To create the special NFTs, LINE NEXT collaborated with Monster Truck Ninja, a leading 2D/3D animation studio with strong cultural connections in South America, as part of LINE NEXT’s goal of bringing NFTs and DOSI to the world. Monster Truck Ninja offers their own digital collectible brand called “Bacano Go!, and has experience collaborating with many global brands in creating 2D/3D animations. The number of NFT users in South America is growing significantly these days, so LINE NEXT decided to expand into the South American market. 


LINE NEXT also plans to hold a range of events where Barranquilla-themed DOSI Citizen NFT holders can get points or limited edition Barranquilla NFTs. Details regarding DOSI Citizen can be found on the DOSI website ( DOSI rapidly growing around the world, with more than 2 million wallets issued on LINE Blockchain in the first four months after DOSI’s beta launch. To further popularize NFTs, LINE NEXT aims to introduce NFTs based on a wide range of cultures around the world that are familiar to global users.





■About LINE NEXT Inc.

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