Z Holdings Concludes Enterprise Agreement with OpenAI, on the Use of All APIs, Including GPT-4 Original AI Assistant Service to Be Introduced to Approx. 20,000 Employees of the LINE Group and Yahoo Japan

2023.07.27 Technology

To promote operational productivity, service quality improvement, and creation of new services

Z Holdings Corporation (hereinafter "Z Holdings") has concluded an enterprise agreement with Open AI L.L.C. (hereinafter "Open AI") on the use of all APIs*1, including GPT-4, provided by Open AI. The APIs can now be used by the Group companies, namely LINE Corporation (hereinafter "LINE") and its subsidiaries, and Yahoo Japan Corporation (hereinafter "Yahoo Japan"). In addition, an original interactive chat-type AI assistant service utilizing APIs is now available to approximately 20,000 employees of LINE and its subsidiaries, and Yahoo Japan. 

*1 Includes all APIs provided by OpenAI as of July 1, 2023, including GPT-4, Embeddings, and DALLE·E. 

Internal use of the original AI assistant service is subject to internal authentication and network restrictions to ensure a secure environment so that the service can be used only within the internal network environment of each company. By default, OpenAI will not use data submitted or generated to its API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI's service offering. Also, the specifications are designed to prevent secondary use and provision of the information to third parties, allowing the use of the service for confidential information.

Since all APIs provided by OpenAI will be available in this enterprise agreement, users will be able to use the APIs in a wider range of business activities, including creation of document and e-mail templates, revision of drafts, research, categorization of texts, surveys, translation of texts into foreign languages, and idea generation. The Group will promote the use of generative AI in all divisions to further increase business productivity, improve service quality, and create new services.

In June 2023, Z Holdings established the Generative AI Application Promotion Office, an organization to promote the use of generative AI within the Group, consisting of 63 members from Z Holdings, LINE, and Yahoo Japan (as of July 27). In March 2023, the “Guideline on the Use of Generative AI” was formulated for all Z Holdings Group employees in order to promote appropriate and proactive use of generative AI. Since June 2021, a series of discussions have been held with outside experts at the “Expert Panel on AI Ethics”*2 to clarify the basic policies necessary for users to feel more secure when using the Group's services and to formulate effective voluntary rules for the use of AI technology. Furthermore, in July 2022, Z Holdings formulated the “Z Holdings Group Basic Policy on AI Ethics”*3 as a policy for the safe use of AI while respecting user privacy. In utilizing generative AI within the Group, Z Holdings has established a specialized organizaiton, formulated various guidelines and policies, and has begun to apply the technology to its Group companies’ services, such as the restaurant reservation service PayPay Gourmet operated by Yahoo Japan, which has started providing OpenAI’s ChatGPT plugins*4. With the protection of user privacy and appropriate information management as its essential precondition, the Z Holdings Group will actively promote the use of generative AI under an appropriate governance structure to avoid infringement of rights and unethical use of AI. 


*2 Z Holdings Hosts “Expert Panel on AI Ethics”

*3 Z Holdings Corporation Announces the “Z Holdings Group Basic Policy on AI Ethics”

*4 PayPay Gourmet Launches ChatGPT Plugins (Japanese only)


The Z Holdings Group will implement AI to all of its services to update users' daily lives, corporate activities, and the society, and aims to become a world-leading AI tech company from Japan and Asia.


■Applicable APIs
GPT-4, GPT-3.5, GPT-3 (LLM)
Embeddings (Measures the relatedness of text strings for search, clustering, classification, etc.)
DALL·E (Creates images and art from text)
Whisper (Audio transcription)
Moderation (Assesses sensitivity of texts)