LINE and Yahoo Japan Strengthen Search Business Cooperation: Yahoo! JAPAN Search Takes Over from LINE Search to Elevate User Experience

2023.06.19 LINE NEWS

Change will apply to the search bar in LINE app's "News" tab and more


TOKYO – June 14, 2023 – LINE Corporation ("LINE") and Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo Japan") have stepped up their collaboration in the search business, deciding to enhance the user experience by replacing LINE Search (a web search feature) with Yahoo! JAPAN Search after late June 2023. The goal of the two companies is making the most of their group synergy to boost convenience for users.

LINE Search was implemented in June 2019 as an update to the search feature (originally launched in February 2018) in the LINE app's News tab. With LINE Search, users can look for in-app content like LINE Stickers, themes, Official Accounts, OpenChat groups, friends, and chats, as well as search for information on the web.


Yahoo! JAPAN Search is one of Yahoo Japan's flagship services, supporting and adding convenience to Japanese users' day-to-day lives by providing answers to their questions in an easy-to-digest way.


In this newest move, the two companies have made the decision to strengthen their work together in the search business and further enhance the search experience for their users. By changing LINE Search over to Yahoo! JAPAN Search from late June 2023, LINE and Yahoo Japan will offer better quality search results and next-level convenience and simplicity for users in finding the answers to their day-to-day living questions and concerns.


Offering Yahoo! JAPAN Search through LINE app for a search experience unique to Japan

The move means that users in Japan can easily look things up online with Yahoo! JAPAN Search while using the LINE app.

They can also look forward to a better user experience with Yahoo! JAPAN Search thanks to a broad array of extras. Searching for a specific shopping center for example, will not only bring up an overview but also predictions on busy times and reviews. Likewise, searching a restaurant name or keywords such as "Tokyo ramen" will show menus and reviews along with the place name and location, making it easier than ever for users to find what they are looking for. Schedules, breaking news, results and more are also provided in a straightforward format for sporting events, elections, and other prominent events in Japan. During emergencies (infectious outbreaks and natural disasters such as typhoons, earthquakes, tsunamis, and flooding), Yahoo! JAPAN Search offers clear and reliable information from the national and local governments in search results. Users will also have a smooth and comfortable search experience when looking up celebrities or creative works, getting a roundup of the latest information such as upcoming television appearances in addition to the basic information. As LINE and Yahoo Japan take this step to bolster their cooperation, current LINE users will also be able to enjoy a more effortless Yahoo! JAPAN Search experience.


Additionally, the search feature at the top of the "Home" and "Chats" tabs will continue to be available for users to make in-app searches for LINE stickers, themes, Official Accounts, OpenChat groups, and their friends and chats.



- Yahoo! JAPAN Search will be available in LINE version 13.9.0 and later.

- Users must agree to Yahoo! JAPAN's Terms of Use ( before they can use Yahoo! JAPAN Search.  

- Features using LINE Search will be completely replaced with Yahoo! JAPAN Search from late June 2023. Search features that are not subject to the change (e.g. the "See other results" button that appears at the bottom of search results in the Home tab) will be shut down.


Examples of search features to be replaced with Yahoo! JAPAN Search

・Search bar in the News tab

・Embedded links in articles

・Search bar in the LINE NEWS widget

Note: Images show the example features listed above.

Moving forward, LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN will continue striving to maximize their synergy across a diverse range of services and features.