LINE Launches Message Reaction Feature for Chatrooms

2021.08.02 LINE App

TOKYO – August 2, 2021 – LINE Corporation (“LINE”) today added a message reaction feature for LINE chatroom, enabling users to respond to messages and photos easily without disrupting the flow of conversation, especially in large group chats.

※For LINE Ver. 11.11.0 or higher.

The new Reaction feature provides users an easy way to respond to messages and photos sent within the last seven days using a character emoji. Just hold down on a message or a photo you would like to 
reply to and choose from the six character emojis that appear on the screen.

You can choose one emoji for each message or photo, with the option of erasing or changing that reaction within seven days from when the message or photo was sent. When someone reacts to a message, the original message writer will not be notified, ensuring chats do not become overly “noisy,” so users can feel free to react any time, day or night. In addition, you can see who sent what reaction emoji in a list by tapping the received reaction emoji.

If you missed your chance to reply to a message during a chat but still want people to know your feelings, Reaction can be a very convenient feature. It is also useful for taking votes and it is easier to use Reactions to respond to messages than writing a message of your own or sending a sticker. There are all sorts of uses for this feature in your daily life.

LINE will continue to release updates based on user needs and honor its core value of enabling communications among family, friends, and other close relationships. As it does so, LINE aims to provide each and every user with the optimal communication methods and new ways to acquire information as we become a steadfast presence in our users’ lives.