LINE Chat Menu Transforms Today

2019.07.30 LINE

● New menu items and design lets users easily search for and manage exchanged content


TOKYO – July 30, 2019 – LINE Corporation is rolling out a redesigned chat menu for the LINE messaging app for iOS ahead of Android today.*

*To see the new menu, please install LINE version 9.12.0 or above on an iOS device. The update will also come to LINE for Android in as early as September.



The new chat menu contains settings such as Mute chat, as well as Albums, Events, and other commonly-used features. Photo/Video, Links, and Files that were previously placed under Shared content have been brought to the foreground as independent categories. 

The button at the top right of the screen to display the chat menu has been changed from a down chevron to a hamburger menu. Unlike before, tapping the button displays a full-screen menu instead of a partial display in the upper part of the screen. Furthermore, Albums and Photo/Video shows the most recent content at the top, and users can swipe between Albums, Photo/Video, Links, and Files to see a full-screen list of content in each. With the new chat menu, searching for and managing links and various media exchanged in chats is easier than ever.

Chat wallpaper and other settings formerly under Settings (symbolized by the cogwheel icon) is at the top right of the new chat menu.


The purpose of the latest update is to facilitate user access to information following the expansion of data and accessible services within LINE.

LINE values user feedback as it continues to update its services to provide the most convenient and secure service possible.


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LINE’s chat menu has been redesigned! 

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