Distributed System Engineer / Data Platform Department

求人概要 / Role and Responsibility
About the department:
LINE Corporation is a provider of a renowned messaging service and a wide range of other services, including finance, content and AI, to our hundreds of millions of global users. These services generate large amounts of data every day, resulting in LINE accumulating over 250 petabytes of data. As stated in our code of conduct “LINE STYLE,” we take an “always data-driven” approach and value data as an asset that is shared and used across the company.
The Data Platform Department aims to democratize data and develop robust machine learning pipelines. To this end, the department offers a platform that can leverage an enormous amount of data efficiently to drive service growth while also helping engineers, service planners and marketers to capitalize on it.

About this position:
We are currently looking for distributed system engineers who will be responsible for the development and operation of a data platform that acts as an integrated analytic environment offered to various LINE services.
This position offers the chance to develop and improve the Hadoop ecosystem and optimize overall platform performance.
There will also be many opportunities to engage in projects that will be relevant to the underlying operations of our large-scale data platform used by teams in various counties.

・ Develop and improve the Hadoop ecosystem among others
・ Tune Hadoop to ensure the stable performance of the data platform
・ Troubleshoot issues in the Hadoop ecosystem
・ Contribute to OSS for better system performance
・ Improve the overall performance of the data platform
・ Automate routine tasks
・ Lead large-scale projects for migration, cost reduction, etc.
・ Monitor systems and conduct capacity planning
・Collaborate with stakeholders from other departments (to identify requirements and design architectures of the data platform)

Tools/development environments:
・Platform: On-premise/AWS
・AWS services: Athena/S3/S3 Glacier/Lambda/StepFunction/CDK
・Hadoop ecosystems: HDFS/YARN/Hive/Trino/Spark
・Distributed environments: Kubernetes/Kafka/Elasticsearch
・Streaming tools: Flink/Fluentd
・Operating/monitoring tools: Ansible/Grafana/Prometheus/Promgen
・Job management tools: Airflow/Azkaban
・BI tools: Tableau/Yanagishima/OASIS (internal BI tool)
・Development environments: IntelliJ/Github/Jenkins/CircleCI/Drone
・Development languages/frameworks: Java/Scala/Python/Shell Script

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応募資格 / Qualifications
Required experience/skills:
・Business level Japanese (JLPT N3 or above)
In addition, one or more of the following experiences (at least one year) or equivalent knowledge is required:
・Experience using Linux/Unix OS at work
・Experience in developing with Python, Java, Scala, Shell Script and others
・Experience in ELT and data processing in the Hadoop environment (Hive/Presto/Spark) or other data environments
・Strong fundamental knowledge of computer science, such as data structures, OS, and networks

Preferred experience/skills:
・Experience building and managing large-scale Hadoop clusters as an administrator
・Extensive knowledge and experience in Hadoop ecosystems (e.g. HDFS/YARN/Hive/Presto/Spark/HBase)
・Extensive knowledge and experience in Kubernetes, Docker and other container technologies
・Experience leading long-term projects (one year or longer) to improve operations of large-scale systems
・Ability to use English and/or Korean to discuss technical issues with overseas office staff and other stakeholders
・Experience undertaking the entire process for system architecture—design, development, and operation—in cloud environments (e.g. AWS/GCP)
・Experience making commits/contributions to OSS (particularly, the Hadoop community)
勤務地 / Location
〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷1-6-1四谷タワー23F
雇用形態 / Employment type
勤務時間 / Working hours
専門業務型裁量労働制(1日の労働時間に関わらず1日9.5時間労働したものとみなします。)、フレックスタイム制(コアタイム 11:00~16:00)、10:00~18:30(実働7時間30分)のいずれか適用 ※面接後に決定
待遇・福利厚生 / Benefits

・諸手当:交通費支給(会社規定による)、LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan(※2)





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