Analytics Engineer / Data Platform

求人概要 / Role and Responsibility
■ Recruiting department
LINE provides services in various fields around the world, including messenger—which boasts over 100 million users—as well as finance, content, and AI. A large amount of data is generated from these services every day, and currently over 250 petabytes of data have been accumulated. This data is considered a company-wide asset from the viewpoint of "Always Data-driven," which is one of the LINE STYLE.

The Data Platform Department, which is the recruiting department for this position, aims to democratize data (a state in which all employees can freely use data for business growth). We started working on it around 2018 and are currently promoting the use of a Data Platform named IU (Information Universe) for internal users (service development staff and service planning staff) to collect, analyze, and utilize data.

■ About this position
In the company-wide data pipeline, you will be in charge of extracting, processing, converting, and storing data belonging to LINE messaging and related services in various storages, and developing data formatting and data linkage functions required for various services and products. In addition, you will also handle data survey and provision requested from the monitoring of batch processing that is routinely operated on an ad hoc basis.

The appeal of this position is that you can utilize your engineering skills in the following: apply appropriate ETL processing to a wide variety of data types originating from various services, give value to the data while taking responsibility for the completeness of the data and develop and improve a wide range of businesses

■ Tools used / development environment
Hadoop ecosystem: HDFS, Hive, Spark, Presto, HBase
Development languages: Python, Java, HiveQL, Spark SQL, Standard SQL
Development environment: IntelliJ, Github, Jenkins, in-house build/deploy tools
Job schedulers: Airflow, Azkaban
BI tools: In-house tools
OS: Linux, macOS
応募資格 / Qualifications
[Required experience and skills]
・Business-level Japanese proficiency (JLPT N3)
・Familiar knowledge and practical experience of the ETL process
・Experience developing and operating ETL processes using Python and Java languages in the above development environment
・Extensive knowledge and experience in performance improvement through complex SQL description and SQL tuning
・Knowledge and experience in data modeling and RDBMS

[Preferred experience and skills]
・Development and operation experience of ETL processing in big data technology (Hadoop, HDFS, Hive, Spark, HBase)
・Extensive knowledge and experience in performance improvement through HiveQL/Spark SQL tuning
・Experience in designing, building, and operating Data Lake and DWH
・Knowledge of data visualization and experience in developing or using related tools
・Knowledge of data governance and data security and experience in technically contributing to problem solving

[Ideal candidate]
・Those who can actively absorb new technologies and use them to solve problems
・Those who can solve difficult problems logically and with a strong sense of responsibility
・Those who can pursue the essence of things while grasping the differences between facts, data, and information
・Those who understand the relationship between services and data and can objectively evaluate the value of data from the perspective of data users
・Those who can propose and implement improvements to ETL processes and data through voluntary communication with data-savvy stakeholders
勤務地 / Location
〒160-0004 東京都新宿区四谷1-6-1四谷タワー23F
雇用形態 / Employment type
勤務時間 / Working hours
専門業務型裁量労働制(1日の労働時間に関わらず1日9.5時間労働したものとみなします。)、フレックスタイム制(コアタイム 11:00~16:00)、10:00~18:30(実働7時間30分)のいずれか適用 ※面接後に決定
待遇・福利厚生 / Benefits

・諸手当:交通費支給(会社規定による)、LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan(※2)





※当社はオフィス勤務と在宅勤務を組み合わせた、より効率的に高いパフォーマンスを発揮し続ける新しい働き方「LINE Hybrid Working Style」を採用しています。


選考フロー / Interview Process