Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) / IaaS platform / Private Cloud Platform

求人概要 / Role and Responsibility
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このポジションで採用された方は、LINEで利用しているOSS(OpenStackやKubernetesなど)ベースのPrivate CloudであるVerdaの中で、VMやPMといったIaaSサービスの安定性向上やトラブルシューティングなどの業務を担当することになります。


We have multiple on-premise IT infrastructure sites with over 40,000 servers and 3Tbps internet traffic worldwide.

Our infrastructure is growing by 30% annually due to service growth and diversification.

A wide variety of applications are being deployed on the infrastructure everyday and there are more than 2,500 developers in over 10 locations worldwide.

With this scale of infrastructure and developers, Learning and operating cost is too high for developers to deploy their applications with awareness of the infrastructure and its configuration.

We, infrastructure software engineers, are responsible for building and operating a platform to connect applications and infrastructure seamlessly using software techniques and methods.

In this position, You'll be responsible for IaaS service reliability and its troubleshooting, named "Verda" private cloud which is OSS (OpenStack, Kubernetes and etc) base cloud, as follows.

・Adopt and apply SRE best practice to IaaS service
・Daily operation to improve IaaS service reliability
・Automate manual operation and toil task
・Close communication with development team
応募資格 / Qualifications
■必要な経験・スキル / Basic
・3年以上のアプリケーション開発経験、または同等の経験(C, Go, Python)

・3+ years of experience of server-side software engineering, or equivalent experience (C or Go or Python)
・Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, or equivalent knowledge and experience
・Experience of service day2 operation and troubleshooting
・Knowledge of cloud services (network and storage and virtualization).
・Interest in learning new technologies
・Ability to use English (most of communication are done in English)

■歓迎する経験・スキル / Preffered

・Experience to work as SRE team, software engineer, or system administrator
・Experience to build and operate CI/CD system
・Ability to automate daily tasks by software development
・Ability to troubleshoot open-source code
・Experience to operate distributed system
・Experience operating OpenStack or Kubernetes
勤務地 / Location
23F Yotsuya Tower, 1-6-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004
雇用形態 / Employment type
勤務時間 / Working hours
One of the followings will be applied:
Discretionary labor system for professional work (Employee is deemed to have worked for 9.5 hours a day, regardless of the actual number of hours worked), Flex-time system (core time: 11:00 am–4:00 pm) or 10:00 am–6:30 pm(actual working hours 7 hr 30 min)
*To be determined after the interview process
待遇・福利厚生 / Benefits
Weekends (Saturdays and Sundays), national holidays, paid leave, New Year’s holiday, congratulatory and condolence leave, "Refreshment" leave (every 5 years, employees who have been employed under a continuous contract are entitled to 10 days of paid leave)

Annual salary system (To be determined based on skills, experiences and abilities after discussions)

・Annual compensation will be divided into 12 months and paid on a monthly basis.
・Separate incentives available (*1)
・Compensation revision: twice a year
・Allowances: commuting allowance, LINE Pay Card Benefit Plan (*2)

(*1) In addition to your annual compensation, you may receive incentives (twice a year) depending on the company's and individual performance and evaluation on your performance. (Incentives are not guaranteed to be provided. An incentive payment will only be paid if you remain employed as of the payment date.

(*2) This is an allowance separate from the salary meant for employees to use for their health, personal development, support for raising the next generation, and more.

・Employment insurance, workers accident compensation insurance, health insurance, employees pension insurance

・Periodic health checkup
・Company events and others

*Implementation of second-hand smoke prevention measures
[Prohibiting Indoor Smoking (other than Smoking Room)]
Osaki, Minami-shinjuku, Yotsuya

*Details to be shared during interviews.