Data Scientist/LINE Fukuoka

求人概要 / Role and Responsibility
You will be responsible for collaborating with the departments in charge of various services that LINE offers as well as the operations departments that support them,
analyzing accumulated LINE data, and improving existing services in addition to planning new services.
You will also be responsible for creating a system that effectively utilizes vast amounts of data and is used to make our services better.

【Specifics of Job Description】
・Promoting service growth through data analysis, proposals, and verifying the effects of measures taken
・Analyzing data and creating proposals to reduce review work and monitoring costs
・Creating dashboards with reporting tools like Tableau

You will be working closely with the various services that LINE offers and the operations that support those services, as well as investigating how technology and knowledge (such as statistical analysis or machine learning) for encouraging growth and reducing costs can be applied and putting it into practice.

【Technology we use】
Python, R, SQL, Tableau, tidyverse, Numpy, Scipy, Jupyter Notebook, Keras, TensorFlow, Spark, Hadoop, Hive, Presto, Git, scikit-learn
応募資格 / Qualifications
【Required Skills】
・Experience solving business or research issues through data analysis
・Data analysis experience using tools such as SQL, R, or Python (any acceptable)
・Basic knowledge related to statistical analysis and machine learning
・Problem solving and logical thinking abilities to solve business issues
・Japanese skills equivalent to JLPT Level 2 or above

【Preferred Skills】
・Statistical analysis or machine learning expertise, and experience applying it to actual business
・Communication skills to promote collaboration with related departments and smooth work progression
・Data analysis-related project management experience
・Language skills (English or Korean)

【Who We’re Looking For】
・Someone who is deeply curious about new technology, and is ready to take on challenges
勤務地 / Location
LINE Fukuoka Corporation.
JRJP HAKATA Building, 12FL, 8-1 Hakataeki Chuogai, Hakata, Fukuoka, 812-0012, Japan
雇用形態 / Employment type
勤務時間 / Working hours
Discretionary working time
待遇・福利厚生 / Benefits
【Working days】
Monday to Friday
【Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves】
Public holiday
Year end and new year holiday
bereavement leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave
Annual leave
Refreshment leave (An employee is entitled to 10 days paid leave)
※An employee is entitled to 10 days annual leave with pay after having been employed under a continuous contract for every 5 years.
Fixed annual salary + Incentive (twice/year)
Other details to be discussed during interviews.
【Salary Review】
【Other Benefits】
Transportation allowance, Medical&Social Insurance, LINE Pay Benefit plan
【Implementation of second-hand smoke prevention measures】
Prohibiting Indoor Smoking (other than Smoking Room)