Mobile App Engineer (iOS/Android) / Kyoto Office

LINE provides various platform services using not only the core enumeration application but also the technology cultivated through application development. In this position, you will be involved in the design and development of iOS or Android applications for such platform services.

[Details of work]
Collaborate with planning and design teams to form ideas (coding, unit test creation)
Perform app profiling to improve performance and UX
Product quality improvement through code review and teamwork
Develop new workflow
Improve and maintain the CI environment to support stable development with large numbers of people

[Products you may be in charge of]
LINE car navigation
FinTech products such as LINE Securities

[Technology used mainly in development]
Java, Kotlin, Swift, Go, Python, JavaScript, MySQL, Redis, Kafka, Git, Spring, Thrift, Hadoop, HBase, Docker, Kubernetes, etc.
[Required experience and skills]
・Familiarity with iOS (Swift / Objective-C) or Android application (Java / Kotlin) development
・Excellent communication skills for smooth development in teams
・Conversational level Japanese

[Welcome experience and skills]
・Extensive development experience with Swift or Kotlin
・UX research and improvement experience through user tests, etc.
・Speech experience in developer community and conference
・Experience raising junior engineers as mentors
・Experience leading the development team as a tech lead, including technology selection
・Experience developing and operating native applications that handle large-scale data and traffic

[Welcome figures]
・Those who are eager to explore and acquire new technologies, and who have a strong intellectual curiosity and spirit of challenge
・Those who are not only technically oriented but can develop from a product perspective
・Those who want to develop with impact that provides new value to people's lifestyle
Discretionary working time
待遇 / 福利厚生
【Working days】
Monday to Friday

【Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves】
•Public holiday
•Year end and New Year holiday
•Bereavement leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave
•Annual leave
•Refreshment leave (An employee is entitled to 10 days additional paid leave after having been employed under a continuous contract for every 5 years.

【Other Benefits】
Transportation allowance, Medical & Social Insurance, LINE Pay Benefit plan

【Japanese language training available】
Successful applicants may be asked to attend a Japanese training course for at least 3 months ~ 1 year after arriving in Kyoto. This training is paid for by the employer.

Fixed annual salary + Incentive (twice/year)

【Salary Review】

Other details will be informed at the interview.