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Due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic we are currently facing difficulties applying for working visas and traveling into Japan is restricted. Under these circumstances we are currently unable to extend offers to candidates who are living outside of Japan or do not own a permit to work in Japan. However, we continue to track the situation and once it is safe to proceed with recruiting, we will again open positions to candidates who wish to work at LINE in Japan.



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このポジションで採用された方はKubernetes as a serviceやKnativeを利用したfunction as a serviceなどKubernetes Platform全体に携わっていただきます。

■Engineering Blog
【Team & Project】OpenStackとKubernetesを用いたVerda Platformを開発しているチームを紹介します

We have multiple on-premise IT infrastructure sites with over 40,000 servers and 1Tbps internet traffic worldwide.
Our infrastructure is growing by 30% annually due to service growth and diversification.

A wide variety of applications are being deployed on the infrastructure everyday and there are more than 2,500 developers in over 10 locations worldwide.
With this scale of infrastructure and developers, Learning and operating cost is too high for developers to deploy their applications with awareness of the infrastructure and its configuration.

We, infrastructure software engineers, are responsible for building and operating the platform which enables it to connect applications and infrastructure seamlessly using software techniques and methods.

In this position, you’ll be responsible for Kubernetes platform such as "Kubernetes as a service" and "Knative (function as a service)".

 ・Kubernetesクラスタ管理ソフトウェアのPrivate Cloudへのインテグレーション (例:プロジェクトとクラスタのマッピング、クラスタに対するRBAC、複数あるバックエンドソフトウェアの抽象化)
・Kubernetesでは提供されていない機能の開発(例: k8s yaml editor, skeleton k8s template, helm chart catalog)
・Kubernets Platformを通じてLINE内部のサービスデベロッパーに提供する機能の検討
・Kubernetes as a serviceのデプロイのためのインテグレーションテスト及びシステムテストコード作成
・Kubernetes as a serviceのデプロイメントツールの開発
・Private Cloud Platformを通じてLINEサービスデベロッパーがコア業務に集中できる環境の提供

【OSS デベロッパー/メンテナー】
・LINEのサービスデベロッパーにクラウドネイティブなプラットフォームを提供するためのOSS運用 (Kubernetes as a service, Function as a service)
・依存しているOSSに対するコードレベルのトラブルシューティング (OSS例: Rancher, Kubernetes, Etcd, Knative)
・要件に合わせてKubernetes Platformをスケールさせる (1000クラスタ以上)
・Function as a serviceをスケールさせる方法の検討および実装
・Private Cloud Platformを通じてLINEサービスデベロッパーがコア業務に集中できる環境の提供

【Server Side Developer】
・Write Server Side Application which perform api service, scheduler service working with management software for Kubernetes like Rancher.
 ・Integrate management software for Kubernetes into our Private Cloud (e.g. project cluster mapping, rbac for operation of cluster itself, make multiple backend software abstract...)
・Understand overview of depended OSS(Knative/Rancher/Kubernetes...)
・Develop feature k8s doesn't provide directly but be useful for user (e.g. k8s yaml editor, skeleton k8s template, helm chart catalog....)
・Consider what additional service we should provide to internal developer in Kubernetes Platform
・Write Integration/System Test for Kubernets as a service deployment
・Write deployment tool to automate Kubernetes as a service deployment
・Improve development/deployment process
・Obsess the developer experience in private cloud

【OSS Developer/Maintainer】
・Operate OSS based system so that we can provide cloud native functionality to internal developers (Kubernetes as a service, Function as a Service)
・Code level troubleshooting for OSS we depended on like Rancher, Kubernetes, Etcd, Knative
・Scale our Kubernetes Platform based on our requirement (more than 1000 clusters)
・Consider/Implement the way to scale our Function as a Service
・Automate k8s related operation by enhancing OSS
・Evaluate latest feature and some other experiment features of depended OSS
・Bug Fix/Customize to meet our requirements
 ・contribute to upstream as much as possible
・Consider the good way for developing/testing/packaging process for our customization of OSS
・Obsess the developer experience in private cloud

■Engineering Blog
【Team & Project】Meet the Team Developing the Verda Platform Using OpenStack and Kubernetes
■必要な経験・スキル | Minimum Qualifications
・3年以上のアプリケーション開発経験(C, Go, Python)

・3+ years of experience of server-side software engineering (C or Go or Python)
・Experience of software trouble shooting
・Knowledge of cloud service (network and storage and virtualization).
・Mind to learn new technologies positively
・Ability to use English (most of communications are done in English)
・Experience operating or integrating OpenStack or Kubernetes
・Ability to troubleshoot OSS with code-level

■歓迎する経験・スキル | Preferred Qualifications

・Experience customizing OSS for company business requirements
・Experience of contributing OSS
・Experience operating or developing a distributed system
・Experience making presentations in tech conferences
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