Machine Learning Engineer【Kyoto Office】

At LINE, we develop and operate various services, but going beyond the service business domain, we render cross-sectional data analysis such as data logging or the usage trends of numerous platforms. In the future, the efficient utilization of data will become increasingly critical.

In this position, you will be developing machine learning and data mining technologies to launch new services and improve existing platforms. In addition, you will be responsible for building our machine learning infrastructure (e.g., constructing an efficient machine-learning environment to handle large-scale data, developing model distribution and monitoring systems, etc.).

This position will also allow you to consider and actually apply new technologies/knowledge related to machine learning in all of our services to solve various issues that have never arisen before.
【Required Skills】
• Expertise in machine learning, computer science, and mathematics
• Knowledge/experience with distributed processing systems (e.g., Hadoop, MPI, etc.)
• The ability to conduct analysis and make proposals with an understanding of business

【Preferred Skills】
• The ability to implement data search algorithms, feature quantity conversion, machine-learning model derivation, system implementation, and performance evaluation with large-scale data
• Experience in service development using machine learning
• Language skills (Japanese/English)

【Who We’re Looking For】
• Those who are highly motivated to solve business issues with machine-learning technologies.
• Those who are eager to create innovative machine-learning technologies.
LINE Kyoto
SAKIZOPLAZA B1 FL., 28 Shimogyouku, Shijodoori Fuyacho, Nishiiru Tachiurihigashi-cho,
Kyoto, Kyoto, 600-8005, Japan
Discretionary working time
待遇 / 福利厚生
【Working days】
Monday to Friday

【Rest Days, Holidays and Leaves】
• Public holiday
• Year end and New Year holiday
• Bereavement leave, marriage leave, maternity leave, paternity leave
• Annual leave
• Refreshment leave (An employee is entitled to 10 days additional paid leave after having been employed under a continuous contract for every 5 years.

【Other Benefits】
Transportation allowance, Medical & Social Insurance, LINE Pay Benefit plan

Fixed annual salary + Incentive (twice/year)

【Salary Review】

Other details will be informed at the interview.