LINE Xenesis and Onlife Sign MOU for Developing Aglet Game App

2022.12.14 ALL

■ Deal aims to use LINE Blockchain to develop Aglet, the virtual sneaker-shopping game, for the Japanese market

■Companies look to improve the virtual fashion experience through collaboration with domestic Japanese partners


TOKYO – December 14, 2022 – LINE's crypto asset and blockchain-related business developer LINE Xenesis Corporation and Onlife Inc., operator of the world-leading interactive sneaker game Aglet, today announced the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU) aimed at developing Aglet using LINE's proprietary blockchain "LINE Blockchain" and collaborating with Japanese fashion brands.



With the deal, LINE further demonstrates its role as a blockchain innovator, as well as the presence of its blockchain-related businesses in the Japan market. LINE established LINE Blockchain Lab in April 2018, and has since pursued the development of dApps that apply blockchain technology, along with research into P2P network-based distributed systems and encryption technology. It developed LINE Blockchain and used it as the foundation for the company's unique crypto asset LINK. The entire group is now developing and operating various blockchain-related businesses, including the crypto asset trading service LINE BITMAX and the NFT marketplace platform called LINE NFT.


Aglet is an interactive sneaker game where users, while moving between the virtual and real worlds, can enjoy digitally collecting sneakers and then acquire their favorite brands and designs of sneakers by walking around adorned in their virtual footwear. The game has surpassed 4 million downloads worldwide and boasts major popularity in Japan, too, which accounts for 15% of its downloads. It is attracting attention as a digital sneaker collection app, as well, carrying a wide selection of sneakers, from major brands to limited editions.



In addition to the development of Aglet for Japan on LINE Blockchain, the two companies will work together to improve the virtual fashion experience by welcoming Japanese and international fashion brands as partners, enabling users to enjoy a wide range of clothes and accessories.


"I am very happy about our collaboration with Onlife and Aglet, and look forward to combining their high-quality virtual fashion services with LINE’s 93 million users in Japan,” said LINE Xenesis CEO Inkyu Lim. “We see much potential for Web3 synergies between our companies, as well as the potential to expand our businesses to all sorts of exciting new partners.”


“Aglet has been wildly popular in Japan and across Asia, and today’s announcement with LINE will accelerate that growth,” said Onlife CEO Ryan Mullins. “We know our players are looking for a seamless experience across their online and offline worlds, and this new partnership is another step in our creation of the ‘Convergence’ for all.”




■About LINE Xenesis

LINE Xenesis is LINE's crypto asset and blockchain-related business developer in Japan. With the aim of bringing blockchain service closer to users, LINE Xenesis operates the crypto asset trading service LINE BITMAX, the LINE BITMAX Wallet for managing digital assets issued from LINE Blockchain, including NFTs, and the comprehensive NFT marketplace LINE NFT, along with other blockchain services.



■About Aglet

Aglet is a sneaker-driven, convergence-based game that merges online and offline worlds into one seamless experience. Players walk around and explore the world while interacting with their favorite brands and designs, earning and creating in-game and physical sneakers, merchandise, and NFTs.  Brands can engage users with physical and digital goods, custom versions, in-app purchases and NFTs.  They can also create missions and challenges, driving users through spatial technology that enables and encourages offline activity and engagement in specific locations and events. With Aglet, players can explore their world and their creativity at the same time by walking around the physical world, as well as building a community of like-minded gamers, creators, and collectors.  Learn more at (