[Our Stories] LINE Gets a New Home for a New Era

2021.04.22 Corporate


As LINE Corp. enters a new era, we’ve also gotten a new home — so, it's goodbye to Shinjuku and hello to Yotsuya.  

With the integration with Z Holdings now complete and LINE increasingly moving into fintech, AI and other innovative areas, it is like the company has entered into a second life. What better time to change offices, too, to symbolize those changes?  

As of April 1, LINE has called the central neighborhood of Yotsuya its home. With Sophia University and several of Tokyo’s biggest and nicest gardens nearby, Yotsuya is a more grown-up neighborhood than scrambling, shimmering Shinjuku, a good match for LINE as we mature into a more grown-up company. 

Based in the newly built Yotsuya Tower, LINE’s new offices enjoy stunning 360-degree views of Tokyo, from the 21st to the 30th floors. And, as Yotsuya Tower is such a new structure, it features some of the newest and strongest safety measures, designed to keep everyone safe in the event of Tokyo’s earthquakes or typhoons.  


Transforming office life for the 'new normal'

With this move coming a year into the Covid-19 pandemic, it also provided a great opportunity to rethink how we conceive of the office environment. Keeping everyone safe during Covid-19 caused us to turn to more flexible, work-from-home types of office culture, and moving forward, we will continue to explore and test various types of working styles. 

Inside the office, we’ve also reimagined our approach. Instead of assigned seats for everyone, grouped by teams and departments, our new Yotsuya office uses hotdesking, allowing people to choose where they work whenever they come in. Now people can work together with whoever makes most sense for them at the moment, changing as needed with each project (or even just depending on their mood). 

“The introduction of a hotdesk system combined with more people working from home has enabled us to consolidate office functions that were previously spread across several locations in Tokyo,” said Keiji Kawasaki, manager of the Facility Management Team. “We believe this relocation will increase efficiency in the way we work, helping everyone to enjoy a high level of performance.”

At the moment, our lovely new space is still mostly quiet. But, as our employees get their vaccinations and normal office life resumes, we look forward to seeing everyone once again. Let’s meet in LINE’s new 23rd-floor café to enjoy the views and catch up soon.