[Global] LINE Launches Stop ‘Fake News’ Campaign With Support From AP

2019.09.13 ALL

● Collaboration to help online users acquire better media literacy in the age of “fake news”

● Consists of an animated educational video and seminars to be held in select regions 


SEONGNAM, South Korea – September 13, 2019 – LINE Plus Corporation, the Korea-based subsidiary of LINE Corporation, today announced the launch of a campaign supported by The Associated Press (“AP”) , a global news network, to identify and respond to the problems of “fake news” and misinformation online. Titled the Stop “Fake News” Campaign, the campaign aims to help users acquire better media literacy and navigate digital spaces more safely.  

LINE has long been aware of the social issues caused by “fake news”, a term for “falsehoods or fiction masked as news circulating on the internet” according to the 2019 AP Stylebook. Therefore LINE decided to collaborate with AP to establish a global CSR campaign to educate people about the characteristics of “fake news,” how to identify it, and how to share information responsibly.

The Stop “Fake News” Campaign will release an animated educational video that will guide viewers through the process of how to check the credibility of stories before sharing them with others. The educational video will be available in five languages: English, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Chinese, and Japanese. 

Similarly, learning how to spot “fake news” will be the theme of a series of educational seminars conducted by LINE and AP in September in select regions, including Thailand, Taiwan, and Indonesia. The seminars will cover how to spot “fake news,” with illustrations of the consequences of spreading “fake news” and misinformation online. 

To view the video, please visit LINE’s global SNS account: https://lin.ee/gM77gD5


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