[Global] LINE Creators Emoji to Launch in November 2018

2018.10.31 ALL

• Launch of emoji joins stickers and themes in LINE Creators Market

• Submission guidelines available now

TOKYO – October 31, 2018 – LINE Corporation is introducing LINE Creators Emoji beginning in November 2018, a platform for users to create and sell their own emoji so they can enliven and personalize their chats. 


Official LINE Emoji launched in April 2018, featuring the LINE Friends and other popular characters in emoji form. Today, users can purchase more than 129 types of character emojis. LINE Emojis can be posted alone as stickers or used together with text to appear in message speech bubbles, creating a more fun way for users to communicate on the LINE messenger app.

And now, with the launch of LINE Creators Emoji in November, anyone with a LINE account can create emojis and sell them on LINE STORE or LINE Sticker Shop to LINE users around the world.

Creators are able to set their own prices for their emoji, starting at JPY 120 (or 50 Coins). Creators will earn 50 percent of their emoji revenues (after deducting the 30 percent App Store/Google Play commission fees).

LINE Creators Emoji is part of LINE Creators Market, a platform that allows LINE users around the world create and sell their own LINE Stickers and Themes. The LINE Creators Market opened in May 2014 and, as of August 2018, over 2.2 million sticker sets have been sold from more than 1.5 million creators. 

In addition, total sales from the LINE Creators Market has exceeded JPY 53 billion, and the top-10 grossing creators on average have had sales of JPY 641 million, as of May 2018. (Note: Exact figures may differ from financial statements due to calculation rules for coin unit price and accounting procedures, according to company policy.) 

Following the launch of Creators Stickers in 2014 and Creators Themes in 2016, LINE Creators Market offers creators to further expand their originality and inspiration to make the LINE platform a more active place for communication between users. 

■ How to Submit LINE Creators Emoji

1. Go to LINE Creators Market, select My Page, and then click NEW SUBMISSION
2. Select EMOJI
3. Enter the required information

For more information, please refer to the full guidelines in the LINE Creators Market: creator.line.me/en/guideline/emoji/


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