DOSI's membership program DOSI Citizen, to launch in Japan today

2023.04.03 Blockchain Services

Various rewards to users who contribute to the DOSI ecosystem

Over 3.5 million DOSI Citizen account registered globally!

To hold “Citizen NFT Airdrop Event” for new walletusers


Starting today, LINE Xenesis Corporation (hereinafter referred to as LINE Xenesis) which operates LINE's digital asset and blockchain-related businesses, launched the DOSI Citizen membership program for the DOSI global NFT platform for users in Japan.

Since integrating LINE BITMAX Wallet with DOSI Wallet (a dedicated wallet for the global NFT platform DOSI) in March 2023, LINE Xenesis has been preparing for users in Japan to be able to use DOSI-related services.


DOSI Citizen is a membership program offering various rewards

LINE Xenesis announced the launch of the DOSI Citizen membership program for DOSI in Japan. Users act as citizens of DOSI and receive various rewards by contributing to the DOSI ecosystem through various actions. The number of registered DOSI Citizen accounts has exceeded 3.5 million¹ globally since the service launched in September 2022. In addition, DOSI Adventures (events users can join using membership points earned on DOSI Citizen) has been enjoyed by many users and has a total participation number of over 20 million².


How DOSI Citizen works

On DOSI Citizen, users receive membership points known as DON based on their contribution level. They can use the DON they've collected to upgrade their Citizen NFTs (DOSI membership NFTs) and join DOSI Adventures (events in which they can receive various NFTs as prizes in drawings). Additionally, users can increase the amount of DON they receive for each action by upgrading and owning multiple Citizen NFTs.

DON can be acquired mainly through the following three actions.

1. Checking in to DOSI Citizen

Earn DON for daily check-ins to the DOSI Citizen website.


2. Inviting friends

Earn DON when your friends link their DOSI Wallet to DOSI Citizen after receiving your invitation.


3. Purchasing NFTs

Earn DON based on the amount of your purchases of various NFTs sold on DOSI.

Note: You can only purchase NFTs with Ethereum payments linked to MetaMask.


A Citizen NFT airdrop event starts today for new wallet account registrations!

Prior to the start of the "DOSI Citizen" service in Japan, we are currently holding a "Citizen NFT Airdrop Event".Citizen NFTs will be distributed free of charge for new DOSI Wallet account registrations. We encourage everyone to take this opportunity to explore the DOSI platform.


DOSI plans to offer more DOSI-related services in Japan in the future, starting with DOSI Citizen and soon the DOSI Web3 fan community service AVA.


¹The number of linked DOSI Wallet accounts on the DOSI Citizen website as of March 26, 2023.

²As of March 24, 2023


Citizen NFT airdrop event summary

Promotion period: From April 3~ *end time undecided

Citizen NFT will be automatically sent to user wallets after registering their DOSI Wallets.


 ■About LINE Xenesis Corporation

(1) Name: LINE Xenesis Corporation

(2) Address: Osaki Garden Tower 22F, 1-1-1 Nishi Shinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan

(3) CEO: Inkyu Lim

(4) Business: Holding company operating a cryptocurrency brokerage and blockchain-related business

(5) Capital: JPY 8,160 million (As of April 16, 2021)

(6) Date of establishment: January 31, 2018

(7) Registration number: Cryptocurrency exchanger, Kanto Local Finance Bureau No.00017