LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN Hosts Joint Tech Conference, "Tech-Verse"

2022.10.14 Technology

●Includes 87 sessions on nine different topics, such as Data / AI, server side, and infrastructure

●Six other Z Holdings Group companies to also participate in first-ever tech event by LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN


TOKYO – October 12, 2022 – LINE Corporation ("LINE") and Yahoo Japan Corporation ("Yahoo! JAPAN") are pleased to announce that the two companies will hold a live stream tech conference named "Tech-Verse" on November 17 and 18, 2022. Up until now, LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN have been running their own tech conferences called LINE DEVELOPER DAY and Yahoo! JAPAN Tech Conference. This year, however, the two companies will hold a joint conference for the first time.


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Tech-Verse will also be joined by presenters from several other Z Holdings Group companies, including dely Inc., Demae-can Co. Ltd., Ikyu Corporation, ValueCommerce Co. Ltd., Z Lab Corporation, and ZOZO Inc. The conference will kick off with an opening session presented by LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN's two CTOs, followed by 87 presentations and panel discussions on nine topics, such as data/AI, server side, mobile apps, and infrastructure. In these sessions, presenters will talk in-depth about the challenges experienced and knowledge gained from their company's R&D initiatives. They will also describe the latest technology they are using.


Launched today, the official website for the event provides an overview of all the sessions and presenters. Details on the panel discussions will also be available at a later date. Pre-registration for the event is not required—those interested can simply watch the sessions via the official website.


Overview of Tech-Verse

・When: Starts at 11:30 am and expected to finish at 7 pm (JST) on November 17, 2022

      Starts at 11 am and expected to finish at 7 pm (JST) on November 18, 2022


・How the event will be held: Sessions will be live streamed using LINE LIVE on the official website. All sessions will be delivered in Japanese, English, and Korean.


・Cost: Free of charge


・How to view the sessions: Pre-registration is not required—watch any of the sessions via the official website ( )


・Program: The event is scheduled to include an opening session by LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN's CTOs as well as 87 presentations and panel discussions. Furthermore, each presentation will be followed by a Q&A session called "+Talk" where employees from participating companies will facilitate in-depth discussion with the presenters. Viewers of the sessions are encouraged to ask questions during this time.


・Topics (number of sessions): Data / AI (21), Server side (13), Process & Environment (11), Infrastructure (9), Mobile App (9), Web Front-end (7), Security (6), UX / Design (7), Blockchain (4)


Sample of sessions to be held

・「 Scaling and Potential Uses for the HyperCLOVA Japanese Base Model 」(LINE, Data / AI)

・「 About the Creative Tester, an AI Examination Service for the Yahoo! JAPAN Advertising 」(Yahoo! JAPAN, Data / AI)

・「 Easier and Safer LINE app Login 」(LINE, Server Side)

・「 System Renewal of Yahoo! JAPAN Travel / System Integration with 」(Yahoo! JAPAN, Process & Environment)

・「 Our Automation Tool for Migrating 1,800 MySQL Instances in Only Six Months 」(LINE, Infrastructure)

・「 Contributing to Global Development Through Handling for the LINE iOS App 」(LINE, Mobile App)

・「 Initiative to “Improve Web Performance” Across Yahoo! JAPAN 」(Yahoo! JAPAN, Web Front-end)

・「 UPDATE Fraud Detection: The Journey To Make E-commerce More Secure 」(Yahoo! JAPAN, Security)

・「 Unified PayPay Financial Brand. Initiatives to Standardize Styles and Become the No.1 Financial Forms 」(Yahoo! JAPAN, UX / Design)

・「 Dynamic Link: Smart Contract Interaction Method Developed by LINE 」(LINE, Blockchain)


Opening session: From 11:30 am to 12 pm (JST) on November 17, 2022

Tomohiro Ikebe (CTO and Senior Executive Officer of LINE Corporation), Masahiko Kokubo (Director, EVP, Managing Corporate Officer CTO of Yahoo Japan Corporation)

Due to an increase in the number of users and business domains over the past ten years, the amount of data handled by both LINE and Yahoo! JAPAN has grown exponentially. The technology to utilize these data for the companies' services has advanced as well. On the other hand, security and privacy standards among society and companies are higher than ever before. In light of this situation, what sort of initiatives are the two companies undertaking and what issues will they address going forward? In the opening session, the two CTOs will talk about their company's technology-driven strategies and visions that aim to accelerate growth while fulfilling the responsibilities of a platformer. 


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