LINE CTF 2022 Online Competition to Put Teams' Security Skills to the Test

2022.03.09 Technology

● Event looks to build momentum and drive further progress in the security community


TOKYO – March 9, 2022 – LINE Corporation ("LINE") announces LINE CTF 2022, an online competition that will pit teams against each other in a contest of security skills and knowledge.


LINE CTF 2022 official website:


LINE has adopted a wide range of measures to strengthen the security of its services and build up its store of knowledge.

In one initiative, a dedicated security team engages in all stages of a service's development life cycle—from planning and design, to implementation and release—verifying its security and safety to eliminate possible design defects and implementation vulnerabilities. Under other measures, LINE maintains service reliability by using internally developed data analysis systems that detect and deter possible account takeovers, spam, and other misuse, and also sees both the internal security team and third parties carrying out regular penetration tests to protect the LINE app's security. Launched in 2016, the LINE Security Bug Bounty Program ( is yet another part of efforts to actively gather knowledge from both internal and external sources. As a public program, it rewards those who detect and report vulnerabilities (or "bugs") in the LINE messaging app and other LINE services.


LINE to host LINE CTF 2022

With the upcoming LINE CTF 2022 online competition, LINE aims to do its part in energizing and driving further progress in the security community. In capture the flag (CTF) events, competing teams utilize cybersecurity techniques and their IT skills and knowledge to solve technical puzzles and score points.

The first LINE CTF event in 2021 saw 680 teams from around the world compete, with over 1,200 participants that included students, engineers, and others interested in security. This year as well, LINE is hosting LINE CTF with the aim of both rousing more interest in cybersecurity and continuing with its efforts to grow the community. LINE CTF 2022 will have four puzzle categories: "Pwnable" will cover program vulnerabilities, "Web" will focus on web applications, "Crypto" will be about encryption, and "Reversing" will center on binary analysis.


About LINE CTF 2022

・When: 9 am on March 26 – 9 am on March 27, 2022 (JST)

・CTF style: Jeopardy-style (online team competition)

・Prizes: Total of USD 10,000 (1st: USD 5,000 / 2nd: USD 3,000 / 3rd: USD 2,000)

・How to enter: Pre-register your team at



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Through a diverse array of initiatives, LINE will continue its efforts to generate momentum in the tech community and support further growth.