Announcing LINE Voom, a new platform for posting and watching videos

2021.11.25 LINE App

TOKYO – November 25, 2021 — LINE Coorporation (“LINE”) today launched “LINE Voom” a new video platform for the LINE app on Android*.
*This service will be released for iOS devices soon.

These days, the type of digital content people want to see is constantly changing, but the demand for video continues to expand. As individual hobbies and tastes grow more subdivided, those trends are causing video contents to change and develop — which is why LINE has revamped LINE Timeline, transforming it into LINE Voom, a video-focused platform.

■Enjoy watching short videos during your free time with LINE Voom!

LINE Timeline has been reborn as the video platform LINE Voom. You can post your videos and enjoy all sorts of short-form videos during your free time. We call the concept “Connect to fun”, as LINE Voom lets you send reactions and leave comments on your favorite videos, and share them with your friends on LINE. "Voom" is a portmanteau, combining "Video Room," "Visual Room," and "Boom," meaning it’s the place new trends and booms are generated, and you can enjoy them any time.

About LINE Voom:

LINE Voom Official Account: (Japanese only)

You can change the LINE Voom settings in the LINE app.

It’s your space, full of videos that match your style

LINE Voom collects video content from a wide variety of genres, such as comedy, Vlog, animals, ASMR, dance, and recipes. In addition, it learns your interests based on your activity to show you more videos that you’ll like in the “For you” tab. The recommended content is personalized based on your viewing history, so the more you watch, the more the suggestions will match your tastes. Furthermore, in the future, we plan to develop video contents that will be linked with other LINE services, such as LINE Manga and LINE MUSIC. 

Enjoy videos that makes you laugh, heal, and discover new things, your free time each day.

In addition, LINE Voom will work actively with creators through the monetization program called "LINE VOOM CREATORS", which allows creators to set up LINE Voom official accounts so they can earn income from advertising.


With LINE Voom, you can enjoy fun video content that matches your preferences and that makes each day brighter.