LINE Introduces Passwordless Login for LINE app

2020.11.12 LINE App

TOKYO – November 11, 2020 – LINE Corporation (“LINE”) announced today the introduction of passwordless authentication for the LINE app on iPad, allowing users to log in using the biometric information stored on their smartphones1. The new feature utilizes FIDO standards and eliminates the need for passwords, reducing the risk of unauthorized logins and allowing users to use LINE more securely and conveniently.
*From December 2020, this service is also available for desktop/laptop with LINE ver. 6.5.0 or higher.

LINE always prioritizes the protection of personal information and considers the login process a key part of our users’ experience. To continue delivering on this commitment, LINE joined the FIDO Alliance as a board member in 2017. In 2019, FIDO22
 authentication was implemented into LINE Pay. Starting today, LINE users can also use FIDO2 biometric authentication to log into the LINE app.

In order to use biometric authentication for the LINE app on iPad, biometric information must first be registered on a smartphone and linked with your LINE account3. Open the LINE app on your iPad, verify your phone number and tap “Log in with smartphone” to pair the device with your smartphone. Then follow the instructions on your smartphone to complete the process. When logging in for the first time, you will be required to verify your identity using the 6-digit verification number displayed on your smartphone.

*1 LINE app version 10.18.0 or higher must be installed on both your iPad and smartphone devices in order to enable the feature.
*2 FIDO2 is a security standard formulated by the FIDO Alliance. The FIDO protocols use standard public key cryptography and are resistant to various threats such as phishing.
*3 Users’ biometric information will not be stored on the LINE app or our servers. 

Biometric authentication can be used to migrate LINE accounts and sign into LINE family services beginning next year, allowing for a more secure and convenient experience.


While LINE continues to release updates based on user needs and honor its core value of enabling communication among family, friends, and other close relationships, it will provide each and every user with optimized communication and new ways to acquire information as it aims to become a steadfast presence in users’ lives.