LINE to Host Virtual "LINE DAY 2020: Tomorrow’s New Normal" on September 10

2020.08.18 ALL

TOKYO August 18, 2020 – LINE Corporation ("LINE") will be hosting its annual business conference virtually this year. The event, titled "LINE DAY 2020: Tomorrow’s New Normal" ("LINE DAY 2020"), will take place on September 10.


A LINE Official Account with the same name has been made accessible from today and will provide information regarding the event as it becomes available.

■LINE DAY 2020 Official Account URL:


Since launching the LINE messaging app in 2011, LINE has been developing a diverse range of services and businesses under its corporate mission of "Closing the Distance" between people, information, and services. The objective of these efforts has been to transform the LINE app into an all-encompassing "Smart Portal" that seamlessly connects all things to a comfortable distance through the app, both online and offline, from anywhere, anytime. In 2019, LINE announced a new corporate vision, Life on LINE, to assist users around the clock, 365 days a year, through meaningful innovation that transforms users' lifestyles. “WOW” is the word LINE uses to describe the core value necessary to achieve this corporate vision.


LINE DAY 2020 will center on the theme of "Tomorrow's New Normal" and will be addressing various topics relevant today, including how LINE is continuing to support users in a pandemic-stricken world as a communication platform that millions of us use every day, innovating its services and business lines to adapt to the new norm, and shaping the future and its users' lifestyles.


Taiwan's Digital Minister Audrey Tang to speak at keynote session

The keynote session titled "New NormalxTechnology" will feature guest speaker Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Digital Minister. Together with Jungho Shin, Representative Director, Co-CEO, CWO and founder of LINE, she will be speaking on topics including how the internet has been helping people live through COVID-19, providing her thoughts on the use and potential of technology during a pandemic, natural disaster and other social crises, and sharing her views on how technology is being deployed and utilized in Asia.



Audrey Tang (唐鳳) 

Digital Minister, Taiwan          

A civic hacker and Taiwan’s Digital Minister in charge of Social Innovation, Audrey is known for revitalizing the computer languages Perl and Haskell, as well as building the online spreadsheet system EtherCalc in collaboration with Dan Bricklin. In the public sector, Audrey served on Taiwan national development council’s open data committee and K-12 curriculum committee; and led the country’s first e-Rulemaking project. In the private sector, Audrey worked as a consultant with Apple on computational linguistics, with Oxford University Press on crowd lexicography, and with Socialtext on social interaction design. In the voluntary sector, Audrey contributed to Taiwan’s g0v ("gov-zero"), a vibrant community focusing on creating tools for the civil society, with the call to "fork the government".


Event overview

・Name: LINE DAY 2020: Tomorrow’s New Normal

・Schedule: From 10:30 am to 4:30 pm on September 10, 2020 (JST; times are approximate)

・Place: Virtual livestream (Japanese only; parts of the event will be archived via video streaming)

・How to participate: Friend the LINE DAY 2020 Official Account (@line_corp_live) URL:


List of sessions

・Opening (Takeshi Idezawa, Representative Director, President and Co-CEO of LINE Corporation)

・COVID-19×LINE (Ayumi Inagaki, Senior Executive Officer overseeing LINE Platform planning at LINE Corporation)

・New Normal×Technology (Jungho Shin, Representative Director, Co-CEO, CWO and founder of LINE Corporation; Audrey Tang, Taiwan's Digital Minister)

・New Normal×Food (Hideo Fujii, President and CEO of Demae-can Co., Ltd.)

・New Normal×Local Business (Yuki Ikehata, Executive Officer overseeing advertising business at LINE Corporation)

・New Normal×Payment (Hisahiro Chofuku, President and CEO of LINE Pay Corporation)

・New Normal×Money(Ryugo Kawasaki, LINE Credit Corporation)

・New Normal×Healthcare (Shinichiro Muroyama, President and Representative Director of LINE Healthcare Corporation)

・New Normal×Information (Takeshi Shimamura, Senior Executive Officer overseeing portal and media businesses at LINE Corporation)

・New Normal×Entertainment (Jun Masuda, Director and CSMO of LINE Corporation)



- Additional presenters and guests are also scheduled to speak, including executives from LINE Corporation and its subsidiaries.

- Program details are subject to change.


Please friend the following LINE Official Account to receive the latest information on the event.

・LINE DAY 2020 Official Account (@line_corp_live) URL:

・Official Twitter page: (Japanese only)

・Official Facebook page: (Japanese only)