[Japan] Investment Made Easy— LINE Securities, a New Mobile Investment Service, Launches Today

2019.08.20 Financial Services

TOKYO – August 20, 2019 – LINE Securities Corporation launches the Android version* of LINE Securities, a mobile investment service, today.

*The iOS version was launched on August 26, 2019. 


Based on the joint venture agreement*1 to form a business partnership to pursue financial businesses focused on the securities business, LINE Financial Corporation ("LINE Financial") and Nomura Holdings Inc. ("Nomura") established LINE Securities Preparatory Corporation on June 1, 2018. Upon completing registration as a Type I Financial Instruments Business, LINE Securities Preparatory Corporation changed its corporate name to LINE Securities Corporation on June 24, 2019, and has moved forward in preparations for a full-scale service launch.*2


The company leverages LINE's extensive userbase, leading technologies, and high usability/mobile-optimized interface and combines this with Nomura's expertise in the financial business to offer a new and comprehensive securities service that addresses latent needs related to building assets.

*1 Press release: LINE and LINE Financial, Nomura Sign Joint Venture Agreement as part of Financial Business Alliance (https://linecorp.com/en/pr/news/en/2018/2209)

*2 Press release: LINE Securities Preparatory Corporation Makes Announcement Regarding Changes to Company Name (https://linecorp.com/ja/pr/news/ja/2019/2778, Japanese only) 


1. The story behind the launch of LINE Securities

As we enter the 100-year life era, the current working generation is increasingly faced with money issues as a result of growing concerns over lifetime employment and the sustainability of the current pension system. Users understand the need for building assets and making investments, however face the Three Pitfalls: (1) Lack of knowledge (do not know how to select products, scared of investments, common sentiment that investments are complicated and difficult); (2) Lack of funds (investment requires a large sum of cash); and (3) Lack of flexibility (limited trading hours at stock exchanges). Because of these high barriers, most users are apprehensive about taking the first step into investments. LINE Securities was developed to offer a new investment service that is simple, easy, and convenient even for first-time or beginner investors, as well as accessible on the LINE messaging app with its over 81 million monthly active users in Japan . 

Under its corporate mission of "investment made easy," LINE Securities is a new mobile investment service available on the LINE platform. During the initial phase after service launch, users can trade stocks of 100 leading Japanese companies and 9 domestic exchange-traded funds (ETFs) in amounts as small as one share/unit, and starting at several hundred yen. LINE Securities also offers instant buy/trade until 9 pm on weekdays, tailored to meet the lifestyles of the current working population.


2. Five features unique to LINE Securities

In order to resolve the Three Pitfalls, LINE Securities offers Five Breakthroughs to give users, especially the working generation, friendlier and simpler choices to build assets and start investing.


(1) Selection of 100 leading Japanese companies and 9 domestic ETFs 

Users can trade stocks of 100 leading Japanese companies in amounts as small as one share, and 9 domestic ETFs tracking indexes such as TOPIX, real estate (Tokyo Stock Exchange REIT), the Dow Jones, NASDAQ, gold, and crude oil, in amounts as small as one unit.



(2) A variety of stocks available under JPY 3,000 (starting at several hundred yen)

Users can invest with little money—a variety of stocks mentioned in (1) can be traded for under JPY 3,000.


(3) Instant buy/trade until 9 pm on weekdays*3

Tailored to the lifestyle of the current working population, users can trade during lunch time, after work hours, or any time until 9 pm on weekdays. The transaction price for stocks traded in amounts of one share is generally not determined at the time of filling an order. However with LINE Securities, transactions are confirmed at the time of filling an order, allowing users to trade at published prices.


(4) Open accounts directly on the LINE app in as little as three minutes

Users can open accounts easily on the LINE app without downloading a separate app.


(5) Simple and intuitive trading interface on the LINE app—only six taps from the Wallet tab to complete orders

From the LINE messenger app, go to the Wallet tab and select the desired stock to complete the transaction in just six taps. LINE Securities offers categories and top rankings (stocks under JPY 3,000, number of bookmarks, percentage increase from the previous day, and more) so that users with no prior trading experience and beginner investors can easily select their desired brand. Users can transfer from bank accounts or deposit/withdraw from their balance on LINE Pay (https://line.me/en/pay), a mobile money transfer and payment service operated on the LINE app.*4


*3 Securities can be traded only during trading hours. The company may suspend trading during trading hours when prices cannot be generated due to the suspension of business by the Tokyo Stock Exchange and other circumstances determined by the company. Trading will be suspended on the date of the company's earnings announcement and night trading will be suspended on ex-dividend dates. Note that night trading is not available for domestic ETFs during the initial period after service launch.
Morning: 9 am – 11:20 am, Interim: 11:30 am – 12:20 pm, Afternoon: 12:30 pm – 2:50 pm, Night: 5:00 pm – 9 pm

*4 Deposits and withdrawals using LINE Pay is applicable within available LINE Pay balance.


3. Opening an account

(1) From the LINE app, go to the Wallet tab and tap the Securities icon.

(2) From the LINE Securities main page, tap the link Open Account (Free).

Users can open an account in as little as three minutes.

(3)   A simplified registered postcard will arrive by mail approximately four business days after requesting to open account.

(4)   Scan the QR code on the postcard to access LINE Securities.


4. Future plans

Under its corporate mission of "investment made easy," LINE Securities Corporation aims to deliver new and comprehensive securities services by expanding its service lineup to take into consideration of, and fit seamlessly into the lifestyles of the working population.


■LINE Securities corporate website: https://line-sec.co.jp/corp (Japanese only)

■LINE Official Account (LINE ID): @linesec

■Official website: https://line-sec.co.jp/ (Japanese only)

■Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/linesec_jp 

■Official Note: https://note.mu/line_sec



About LINE Securities Corporation

(1) Name:  LINE Securities Corporation

(2) Head Office:  Sumitomo Fudosan Osaki Garden Tower 22F, 1-1-1 Nishishinagawa, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo

(3) Representatives: Noritaka Ochiai (LINE Corporation) and Yoshikazu Yonenaga (Nomura Securities Co. Ltd.), Representative Director and Co-CEO, 

(4) Business: Offers remote securities brokerage and remote securities investment consultation services to the asset-building demographic

(5) Capital and Capital Reserves:  JPY 2 billion (as of June 30, 2019)

(6) Established:  June 1, 2018



・Trades made through LINE Securities Corporation are subject to fees and/or expenses designated by each relevant product. 

・Domestic stocks (includes domestic ETFs) are traded at market price in addition to applicable transaction costs.

・Financial product trades are subject to losses due to price volatility, foreign exchange, and other index volatility. 

 Domestic stock trades are subject to losses due to price volatility and other factors. Domestic ETFs are subject to losses due to fluctuation of indexes linked to the ETFs.

・Refer to the pre-contract document and other materials for trade details.

 Financial instruments business operator, LINE Securities, Director of the Kanto Finance Bureau (Financial Instruments Business) No. 3144

 Membership: Japan Securities Dealers Association