[Japan] LINE Fully Launches Takeout Service LINE Pokeo

2019.06.27 Other Services

● Order system LINE Pokeo for biz also launches today

● Service to be rolled out to 30,000 locations by end of 2020 at diverse range of restaurants, such as the Ootoya (set menus)

● Pokeo 100 Yen Menu campaign also launches today, offering Matsuya’s beef on rice and other popular dishes for only JPY 100 (including tax)


TOKYO – June 27, 2019 – LINE Corporation (“LINE”) today begins accepting applications for the “LINE Pokeo for biz” ordering system that enables restaurants to easily commence takeout services without having to build their own takeout system. 


In addition, the “100 Yen Pokeo Menu” promotion will run for one week starting today, offering various menu items such as the regular size gyudon (beef bowl) from Matsuya, and the wafu teritama hamburg (teriyaki sauce meat patty with fried egg) from Jonathan’s for only JPY 100 (including tax).




LINE Pokeo commenced handling orders for around 2,000 eateries from family restaurant chains Gusto, Bamiyan, and Jonathan’s in Japan in April this year as an advance release of the service, and also started offering services for around 1,100 eateries from the gyudon (beef bowl) restaurant chain Matsuya and tonkatsu (pork cutlet) restaurant chain including Matsunoya and Chicken-tei in Japan in June. Eateries are also starting to accept payments via the LINE Pay mobile money transfer and payment service, enabling many users to enjoy takeout services.


Takeout meals are under the spotlight as items that will be subject to reduced tax when the consumption tax rate hike scheduled for October this year becomes effective, and demand for takeout meals is expected to grow further. LINE Pokeo will become available to small and medium-sized eateries following the full launch today with commencement of LINE Pokeo for biz, a tablet-based order system which will enable eateries to start offering takeout services with ease. 


LINE Pokeo for biz is a tablet-based ordering system that enables eateries to easily participate in LINE Pokeo by simply registering images, product names, and prices of items available for takeout. It will reduce the operational workload over the telephone and in-store as each store offering takeout services will have its own ordering system. The ability to also temporarily stop taking takeout orders with the system and hide the restaurant’s offerings on LINE Pokeo during busy periods makes it easy for businesses to efficiently handle both dine-in and takeout customers. In addition, takeout orders can also be handled on the LINE Official Account for LINE Pokeo (which already has over three million friends), connecting users and restaurants in a new way. 


Applying for LINE Pokeo for biz

URL: https://pockeo.line.me/store/


The LINE Pokeo Restaurant Invite campaign will also kick off today, allowing users to reach out and invite restaurants of their choice to register for LINE Pokeo. 


About the LINE Pocket Restaurant Invite campaign

・Campaign period: June 27 until August 31

*More details on the campaign can be found at the website below.

・URL: https://line.me/R/ch/1642502700/introduction/


To further celebrate the full-scale launch of LINE Pokeo today, the Pokeo 100 Yen Menu inaugural campaign will allow users to enjoy popular dishes, such as Matsuya’s regular-sized beef on rice, and Gusto’s Mayonnaise and Corn Pizza, for just JPY 100 (tax inclusive) for a limited time only. Additionally, special LINE Pokeo promotions will run regularly, including the Pokeo Meat Menu promotion on the 29th of each month offering discount meat dishes at Matsuya, Tonkatsu Matsunoya, Chicken-tei, and many other participating restaurants, and the Pokeo 300 Yen Menu offering select meals for just JPY 300.


Overview of the promotion 

• Promotion name: Opening promotion “100 Yen Pokeo Gohan (100 Yen Pokeo Meal)” 

• URL: https://lin.ee/hVaAzkx/prmt

• Promotion period: June 27 to July 3, 2019

 * Promotion period will vary depending on menu items. Please check the special promotion page.

• Menu items available under the promotion:

 Regular size gyudon (beef bowl) from Matsuya, rosukatsu teishoku (pork loin cutlet meal) from Matsunoya, tappuri mayo corn pizza (topping-rich sweet corn and mayonnaise pizza) from Gusto, wafu teritama hamburg (teriyaki sauce meat patty with fried egg) from Jonathan’s



There are also plans to make LINE Pokeo available to a wide variety of eateries including Botejyu (an okonomiyaki chain), Ootoya (a chain offering a selection of meals), and Lotteria (a fast food chain) as well as small and medium-sized eateries, with the aim of having 30,000 eateries listed by 2020.


Main services of LINE Pokeo

• Search and order via the LINE app

There is no need to install a new app. Users just add the LINE Pokeo LINE Official Account (@pockeo) as a friend via the LINE app to use the service.

LINE Pokeo: https://line.me/R/ch/1642502700 *(Japanese only)Only the smartphone version is supported


• Easily find nearby eateries offering takeout services via a map search

Whether users are on their way home from work or visiting a friend, they can easily search for eateries offering takeout services based on their current location using the map search function.


• Search for good value takeout menus via the “Discounts” tab

The Discounts tab shows menus offered at a discount at nearby participating eateries based on users’ current locations so that users can enjoy takeout items at a special price.


• Use and earn LINE Points

Users can earn LINE Points when they order with LINE Pokeo. Accumulated points can be used at a value of “1 Point = JPY 1” when placing an order or they can be exchanged for LINE Coins to purchase stickers or spent using the digital wallet service, LINE Pay. 

* Users may use LINE Points at the time of payment only when they pre-pay for a purchase.