[Global] Pre-registration Opens Today for LINE HELLO BT21, the Newest Game of Universtars BT21

2019.06.03 Game

Chance to win adorable BT21 merchandise in social sharing campaign  

TOKYO – June 3, 2019 – Pre-registration opens today for LINE HELLO BT21, the newest puzzle game to come to the LINE Games platform operated by LINE Corporation ("LINE"). The game will star the eight characters from BT21, a new IP created with the collaboration of LINE FRIENDS and BTS.


LINE HELLO BT21 pre-registration: https://hello-bt21.game.line.me/ja/ (Japanese) 

LINE HELLO BT21 becomes the latest game to join the hit LINE Bubble series, which has amassed over 40 million downloads worldwide to date. Players progress through the game by matching up three or more bubbles of the same character to burst them. Clearing stages will also reward players with Stars that can be exchanged for items to deck out their town, while correctly answering BT21's pop quizzes will unveil collectible original photos. Keep an eye out as BT21 also pop up in never-before-seen costumes and reveal all-new charms in this latest adventure.

The story so far

Hailing from outer space, Tata has come to earth with Van the robot to spread love.
But somewhere along the way, he accidentally loses his transformation laser gun in the grass.
It goes off and zaps the nearby dandelions, turning them into gigantic shrubs that quickly overtake the city.
Together with the other BT21 members, Tata sets out to return things back to how they were...

Will the Universtars be able to save the world from its fluffy fate?

Screenshot is for reference only.

Pre-registration opens today

Pre-registration presents include Coins, booster items, and Gacha Tickets depending on players' country/region of residence and the number of people who pre-register. Presents become more impressive as more people register, so everyone is encouraged to sign up. The items will be given to all players who log into the game after its official release. Do not miss this opportunity and pre-register today!

Note: Items must be claimed within two weeks of the game's official release date.
Items will be given out on a staggered schedule, meaning different users will receive items at different times. 

[Pre-registration period]
From June 3, 2019 until game launch


How to pre-register (users can complete pre-registration through either one of the following steps)

Add as friend the official LINE HELLO BT21 account (LINE ID: @hellobt21_jp).
Follow the official LINE HELLO BT21 Twitter account (Twitter ID: HELLO_BT21_JP).
Note: Blocking or unfollowing the account will void the pre-registration.

[Pre-registration rewards]
10,000 pre-registrations: 500 Coins

20,000 pre-registrations: 2 Rockets
50,000 pre-registrations: 2 Rainbow Balls
100,000 pre-registrations: 2 Bombs
200,000 pre-registrations: 1 Gacha Ticket + brand new set of LINE stickers will be made 


Share the game’s official account to get in-game items

Players who share the game’s official account can receive handy in-game items, such as Churros and Rockets, depending on how many people they have shared with. 

[Pre-registration period]
From June 7, 2019 until game launch

[Pre-registration rewards]
1 invite: 1 Churro

10 invites: 2 Rockets
21 invites: 2 Bombs


Twitter campaign offers the chance to win adorable BT21 merchandise

Follow LINE HELLO BT21's official Twitter account, and post a tweet with the hashtags below. Forty people will have the chance to win "out-of-this-world" BT21 prizes.

[Pre-registration period]
From June 12, 2019 until game launch

[How to enter]

Follow the official LINE HELLO BT21 Twitter account (Twitter ID: HELLO_BT21_JP) , and post a tweet with the three hashtags #HELLOBT21, #BT21Preregistration, and #TATA (or any of the other characters).
Note: Also apply easily from the LINE HELLO BT21 pre-registration website (https://hello-bt21.game.line.me/ja/ (Japanese)) .

BT21 Mobile Stand: 10 winners

BT21 Luggage Belt: 10 winners
BT21 Basic Figure (M): 10 winners
BT21 Bag Charm 2P Set: 10 winners
Note: The list of winners will not be published. Winners will receive their prizes directly by post.
Prizes will be randomly determined.



Under its corporate mission "Closing the Distance," LINE Corporation will continue to develop a variety of engaging and innovative content through LINE Games and its other services to bring users even closer together.




Supported devices: iPhone and Android
Supported languages: Japanese, Korean, English, Traditional Chinese (Taiwan), Thai
Supported regions: Worldwide (excludes Mainland China, the United States, and Europe)
Service launch: Late June 2019
Cost: Free-to-play (in-app purchases)
Developer: LINE Studio
Operator: LINE Corporation
Copyright: ©BT21  

Pre-registration website: https://hello-bt21.game.line.me/ja/ (Japanese)
Twitter: https://twitter.com/HELLO_BT21_JP
LINE Official Account ID: @hellobt21_jp

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