[Corporate Announcement] Chief WOW Officer (CWO) Appointed

2019.02.27 Corporate

TOKYO – February 27, 2019 – Jungho Shin, the Chief Service Officer (CSO) of LINE Corporation ("LINE"), has been appointed Chief WOW Officer (CWO) as of February 26, 2019. The decision was made during the company's board meeting yesterday.


LINE begins its second growth spurt this year as it carves into new business domains—FinTech, AI, and blockchain. As the LINE messaging app has demonstrated, having a service-driven mindset as well as services with overwhelming competing power are essential for a business to grow. LINE is more service-driven than ever – a reaffirmation of one of its founding philosophies – as it begins its second stage of development.


In its Code of Conduct, LINE STYLE*, LINE describes its core value using the word “WOW." WOW is an unprecedented user experience or a piece of front-page news. A prime example of this is the LINE messaging service launched in June 2011 that created a paradigm shift in the way people communicate. WOW is perceived in all services that spearhead the market and create global paradigm shifts.


In its second development phase, LINE aims to impress the world as much as it did with the LINE messaging app, if not more. To fulfill the LINE Group's mission, Jungho Shin, who has been leading LINE's service growth from day one, takes on the unconventional and critical role of Chief WOW Officer (CWO).


By committing more than ever to the pursuit of WOW and accelerating the provision of innovative services and innovation promotion, the LINE Group will strive to further grow its business.



Executive profile

Jungho Shin

Chief WOW Officer (CWO) of LINE Corporation

Born February 25, 1972




Professional background

June 2005 Joined 1noon Co., Ltd. (now NAVER Corporation)

July 2008 Appointed General Manager of Corporate Planning Department 
at NAVER Japan (later NHN Japan, now LINE Corporation)

January 2012 Appointed director of NHN Japan (now LINE Corporation)

March 2013 Appointed representative director of LINE Plus Corporation

April 2014 Appointed Chief Global Officer (CGO) of LINE Corporation

April 2018 Appointed Chief Service Officer (CSO) of LINE Corporation

February 2019 Appointed Chief WOW Officer (CWO) of LINE Corporation



*The LINE STYLE is comprised of the following eleven guidelines that encapsulate LINE's philosophy and methodology for creating WOW.

LINE STYLE https://linecorp.com/en/company/mission 

1. Users Rule

2. Stay a Step Ahead 

3. Perfect Details

4. Always Data-driven 

5. Build Lean and Exceptional Teams 

6. Open Communication, Vertical Decision-making 

7. Keep in Sync, Aiming for the Same Goal

8. Work Intensely and Be Focused

9. 1% Problem-finding, 99% Solution-making

10. Go Brave. No Fear. No Regrets

11. Enjoy the Challenges