[Japan]LINE Launches TOYOTA Technology-Driven Navigation Service "Clova Auto" Connects AI Assistant "Clova" to Automobiles

2018.10.15 AI

Voice controls for route search and navigation features available in Summer 2019


TOKYO – October 15, 2018 – LINE Corporation (“LINE”) announces to integrate Clova Auto with TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION's ("Toyota") navigation infrastructure, introduced in 2017 utilizing cloud-base high-precision big data, to launch a comprehensive smartphone application with advanced navigation features. 


At LINE CONFERENCE 2018, LINE announced Clova Auto, a new service that connects LINE's AI assistant Clova with vehicle mount devices to make Clova available in all driving scenarios.


This partnership with Toyota allows Clova Auto to serve the drivers' needs, utilizing voice commands to search routes and navigate the driver, while also performing basic Clova features, such as turn off the house lights from behind the wheels, check the weather at the final detestation, and send and receive LINE messages. Just speak to the car: "hey Clova, tell me how to get to Tokyo Tower" or "how's the traffic on Tomei Expressway?" and Clova will guide the driver safely by providing directions with its voice. Clova Auto also supports Smart Device Link (SDL), seamlessly connecting information on the smartphone with in-vehicle devices, including steering wheel volume controls and built-in displays.


Clova Auto is integrated into Toyota's advanced navigation infrastructure, which adopts a hybrid navigation system. Toyota's unique Probe Based Traffic Information gathers driving data from other vehicles to predict road traffic conditions and suggest the fastest route to get the driver to its final destination. For certain situations where faster responses are required, such as driving in areas where telecommunication signals are not available or suggesting alternate routes when the driver takes an unguided turn, Toyota's navigation system switches to local route search for alternate routes.

With Clova Auto, drivers can utilize voice commands in the car as well as leverage Toyota and LINE's big data for highly accurate traffic predictions and personalized navigation.


Starting December 2018 (tentative), LINE MUSIC app will connect with in-vehicle devices that supports SDL. Clova Auto app will be available from Spring 2019, where navigation features are scheduled to launch in Summer 2019. 


With Clova Auto, LINE continues to support drivers by offering vehicle-centric services and features that make driving experience simpler and more fun.