[Japan] "Clova Skill Store" Opens Today

2018.08.07 Clova

● Users can start searching for their preferred skills among third-party Clova skills that external companies and developers have built

● Among the selections are skills that link Clova with LINE, such as checking the latest train status with Clova and synchronously receiving rerouting details in a LINE message


TOKYO – August 7, 2018 – LINE Corporation announces that it has opened the "Clova Skill Store" today, giving users access to functionalities (called "skills") that individual and corporate third-party developers have built in the Clova Developer Center for the AI assistant "Clova".




Clova currently offers users a wide variety of voice-controlled experiences, including playing music, reading out news, announcing the weather, and enabling users to exchange messages and make free calls with their family and friends using LINE.


Based on the conviction that offering more Clova skills as well as expanding on their capabilities is important in order to assist users ever more seamlessly in their day-to-day lives, LINE Corporation opened the Clova Developer Center – a website that enables individual and corporate third-party developers to build their own Clova skills – on July 12. The Clova Skill Store that has opened today gives users access to these third-party skills developed in the Clova Developer Center. LINE Corporation hopes to see its Clova-powered devices used in an increasing number of situations as a greater variety of Clova skills are built over time.


Thanks to the efforts of many third-party developers, both individuals and businesses alike, who have been building Clova skills since the opening of the Clova Developer Center, more than 60 skills by 27 companies are among the store's launch line-up. Among them are a number of skills that could only be achieved because Clova is LINE's AI assistant, namely those that link Clova with LINE. Tokyu Corporation's skill that enables users to check the latest train statuses with a Clova-powered device and receive rerouting details in a LINE message, and FiNC Inc.'s skill that enables users to receive suggestions for wellness routines in a LINE message by simply selecting categories and answering questions, are just a few examples. The company hopes to see the number of Clova skills grow with time. Other skills available from the store include listening to various sermons by Buddhist monks (by Yoriso Co., Ltd.), and enjoying different conversations with a high school girl character whenever she tells the time (by CYBIRD Co., Ltd.) – skills that emphasize communication, and are representative of LINE Clova. LINE Corporation will strive to continue providing users with voice experiences that are more convenient and suitable for their lifestyles.


Clova Skill Store: https://clova-skill-store.line.me/appbridge?target=main

* Users who have not downloaded the LINE Clova app are redirected to the app download page. Users unable to access the Clova Skill Store are kindly asked to download the latest LINE Clova app. The store is not accessible from a PC. Please use a smartphone to visit the store.


Clova Developer Center: https://clova-developers.line.me/ (Japanese only)

For more details, please read the press release at the following link.



How to use Clova skills

Select and enable a skill from the Clova Skill Store in the LINE Clova app to start using it.

Users can also directly tell Clova to enable a selection of skills by voice command (some exceptions apply).


About LINE Clova

After unveiling its AI assistant Clova at "Mobile World Congress 2017" in March of last year, LINE released its first Clova-powered smart speaker, Clova WAVE, in October 2017, its second smart speaker themed after LINE's popular characters Brown and Sally, Clova Friends, in December 2017, and a smaller version of the second, Clova Friends mini, this June. LINE is continuously developing and improving on Clova's skills, which include playing music and the radio, reading out the news and the weather, and enabling users to exchange LINE messages and make free calls with their LINE friends using voice control. LINE will continue to actively take in user feedback as Clova makes users' day-to-day lives even more convenient and enjoyable as a "growing speaker."




Official LINE Clova website: https://clova.line.me/ (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova Twitter account: https://twitter.com/LINE_Clova (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/LINE.Clova/ (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova blog: http://clova-blog.line.me/ja/ (Japanese only)