"Clova Extensions Kit" for Building and Extending Clova's Capabilities Released to Public Today

2018.07.12 Clova

Details also announced regarding "LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018," a development contest giving away JPY 10 million in cash prizes


TOKYO – July 12, 2018 – LINE Corporation released the "Clova Extensions Kit" – a development platform to build and extend functionalities (known as "skills") that can be integrated with LINE's AI assistant "Clova" – to the public today.

Clova is the AI assistant that powers LINE's series of smart devices including "Clova WAVE" and "Clova Friends." It has a set of functionalities – called "skills" – that add convenience and entertainment to users' lives. These skills allow Clova to offer users a wide variety of voice-controlled experiences, including playing music, reading out news, announcing the weather, and even enabling users to exchange messages and make free calls with their family and friends by syncing with the LINE messaging app.


On June 28, 2018, LINE held "LINE CONFERENCE 2018," the company's annual event to announce its business strategies. One of the highlights this year was the announcement that the Clova Extensions Kit ("CEK") – a development environment enabling third parties to build Clova skills – will be released to the public in July 2018. As the company promised, CEK has been released today, along with an online website, "Clova Developer Center," which offers a library of development-related documents and other reference materials.

Clova Developer Center: https://clova-developers.line.me/ (Japanese only) 


CEK is a development platform that provides developers with the tools and interfaces necessary to build and distribute Clova skills. Individuals and companies alike are welcome to use CEK to build a wide range of functionalities for Clova, from linking with external services to controlling household IoT devices, all through Clova. Third-party skills built using CEK can be offered to general users through the "Clova Skills Store," planned to be launched sometime in or after the end of July.


In conjunction with the public release of CEK, LINE will also be hosting "LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018," a development competition for the LINE Messaging API, with the aim of producing a diverse range of new communication services that combine Clova and LINE accounts (chat bots).

LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018: https://www.line-community.me/awards/ 

"LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018" invites individual programmers and companies alike to build services for a chance to win up to JPY 10 million in cash prizes, and receive awards designed from a variety of perspectives. These awards include category-based awards such as "Home Hacking" and "Family," and themed awards given to services that offer the best solution to specific themes provided by the sponsoring companies or organizations. After the themes are announced in July, applications will open up in early August. For more information, please visit the LINE BOOT AWARDS 2018 website.

* There may be no awards granted in certain categories or themes depending on the results of the submission review.


About LINE Clova

After unveiling its AI assistant Clova at "Mobile World Congress 2017" in March of last year, LINE released its first Clova-powered smart speaker, Clova WAVE, in October 2017, its second smart speaker themed after LINE's popular characters Brown and Sally, Clova Friends in December 2017, and a smaller version of the second, Clova Friends mini, this June.

LINE is continuously developing and improving on Clova's skills, which include playing music and the radio, reading out the news and the weather, and enabling users to exchange LINE messages and make free calls with their LINE friends using voice control.

LINE will continue to actively take in user feedback as Clova makes users' day-to-day lives even more convenient and enjoyable as a "growing speaker."


Official LINE Clova website: https://clova.line.me/ (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova Twitter account: https://twitter.com/LINE_Clova (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova Facebook account: https://www.facebook.com/LINE.Clova/ (Japanese only)

Official LINE Clova blog: http://clova-blog.line.me/ja/ (Japanese only)