[Japan]LINE Announces “Clova Auto” To Enable Connectivity Between Automobiles and Clova AI Assistant

2018.06.28 AI

・ Provides in-vehicle voice operation for sending and receiving LINE messages, making LINE free calls, etc.

・ Available for use in new Toyota cars that go on sale from winter 2018


TOKYO - June 28, 2018 - LINE Corporation (“LINE”) announces that LINE’s AI assistant Clova will be available for use in new automobiles of Toyota Motor Corporation (“Toyota”) adopting Smart Device Link (“SDL”) that will be released starting from winter 2018.


To support users’ lives at home and in cars seamlessly with AI assistant Clova, LINE and Toyota jointly announced the potential collaboration of Clova and SDL being promoted by Toyota for its service at last year’s LINE CONFERENCE. The two companies then conducted a demonstration at the Tokyo Motor Show 2017.


The newly presented Clova Auto enables the use of Clova in cars by connecting it to the in-vehicle device, so users can perform everyday tasks safely while driving.

Clova allows the drivers to turn off lights at home, check the weather at their destination, send and receive LINE messages, make LINE free calls, listen to music on LINE MUSIC, etc., with only their voice without having to stop the car and look at a smartphone. Clova will also be connected to the car display and the voice recognition button on the steering wheel, which allows users to operate remotely while remaining focused on their driving.

Clova Auto will first be implemented in Toyota vehicles and will be available for use to customers who choose the Clova compatible in-vehicle device in the new car models that will be released from Toyota starting this winter.


Going forward, LINE will develop and support various car-related functions and services using Clova Auto to simplify the users’ driving experience and make it more enjoyable.


LINE will also provide support for the users both before and after getting in Toyota cars.

Using “LINE My Car Account” which has been implemented on the new models of Toyota Crown, New Sport Corolla, and Prius PHV, will allow drivers to do things such as communicate with their car via LINE, set the destination in the navigation system, check the gas amount, etc.