[Japan]LINE SHOPPING Introduces “Shopping Lens,” a New Feature to Search for Goods with only Photos and Images, and no Merchandise Names

2018.06.28 Other Services

● More than 90% of women have trouble in finding the goods they want, according to the survey.

● The membership of LINE SHOPPING exceeded 20 million in one year.


TOKYO – June 28, 2018 – “Shopping Lens,” – a new feature that allows users to search for goods using only photos and images has been introduced to “LINE SHOPPING (https://ec.line.me/)” today. The shopping service allows shoppers to enjoy shopping for better deals. LINE SHOPPING now exceeds 20 million members as of June 12, 2018, in approximately one year since the beginning of the service.


“LINE SHOPPING” is a shopping service that allows users to enjoy shopping through the LINE app, offering great deals for over 60 million items, including fashions, general goods, sporting goods, domestic merchandise, household electric appliances, cosmetics, and more. Users can easily search and browse a wide variety of goods from online shops of famous brands and popular shopping malls. Users receive up to 20% of the purchase amount in LINE points just by purchasing through “LINE SHOPPING.”*1

*1: After selecting the goods, users are directed to the sellers’ EC sites for the payments.


Since its launch, LINE SHOPPING has been expanding both in the number of listed merchandise and its service. The number of monthly active users exceeded 10 million*2 while the membership surpassed 20 million*3 as of June 12, 2018, approximately one year since the beginning of the service. “Shortcut icon,” which enables the users to access LINE SHOPPING directly from their home screens has also been very popular as this has added more ease to the shopping experience.


LINE SHOPPING recently enhanced the search capability by providing search bars in pages of the participating shops and also by enabling users to search for goods from the “News Tab” within the LINE app. Various forms of entry points have been created for users enjoy shopping in the manners best suited to them.


“Shopping Lens,” the new feature being released today enables users to search for ideal goods using images and nothing else. After taking or uploading a photo of merchandise in LINE SHOPPING, its built-in image analysis technology searches for similar goods from over 60 million merchandise listed.


*2: The number of monthly active users as of January 2018.

*3: The number of those that agreed to LINE SHOPPING Terms of Use (as of June 12, 2018).

*4: The camera search feature will be available on Android devices soon.


In releasing “Shopping Lens,” LINE SHOPPING conducted a survey on purchasing clothes. The survey found that 90% of women between ages of 10 and 59 have experienced difficulty in finding the merchandise of their choice while searching for clothes.


Among those surveyed, most choose to purchase clothes based on the displays in shops, followed by fashion magazines and online information including websites or EC sites of various brands. Approximately 60% of women between ages of 10 and 29 responded that they had taken photos or captured screenshots of clothes or outfits they wanted, indicating that many users rely heavily on visual information when purchasing clothes.


So far, the only way for users to search for merchandise was to record the name of the merchandise or look into a specific brand or category. With Shopping Lens, the merchandise name becomes no longer necessary as images such as photos of the clothes or furniture, pictures taken from fashion magazines, or screenshots captured from Instagram or other SNS enable users to easily search for the merchandise, fulfilling their needs.


Survey outline

Survey method: Mobile survey through smartphones utilizing LINE Research Platform.

Survey object: Male and female smartphone users between ages of 10 and 59 in Japan.

Number of valid respnses: 1,056 samples.

Survey period: From June 9 to 11, 2018.


LINE SHOPPING will strive to provide users with a shopping experience that is even more seamless by strengthening connections with not only online stores, but offline too. Please look forward to the future development.