[Japan] LINE Group Selected as Sole Provider for "Fukuoka City Proof-of-Concept Full Support Business" Program Cashless Project

2018.06.12 LINE Pay

● LINE Group to provide trials at Fukuoka public facilities, and LINE Pay to be introduced at private facilities for a trial run in June
● Cashless payments will help make life more convenient for residents, improve productivity for small- to medium-sized businesses, and make the city more appealing for commerce and tourism
LINE Corporation announced today that it, together with its subsidiaries LINE Pay Corporation (operator of the LINE Pay service, which allows users to make mobile money transfers and payments through the LINE messaging app) and Fukuoka-based LINE Fukuoka Corporation, was selected to conduct a trial for the Cashless project under the "Fukuoka City Proof-of-Concept Full Support Business" Program. This city-lead program accepted applications from companies that could offer solutions to solve various social issues using AI, IoT and other cutting-edge technologies. 
Operating under the motto of a "Cashless Fukuoka," the city is moving forward with its project to promote cashless payments and accelerate initiatives by private companies. It plans to achieve this by uniting the city together with private companies in their efforts to promote a cashless society in order to encourage and stimulate cashless transaction initiatives as well as getting as many residents and visitors as possible to try them out.
LINE Corporation, LINE Pay Corporation, and LINE Fukuoka Corporation were selected to conduct "Cashless" project trials for both city and private facilities under the "Fukuoka City Proof-of-Concept Full Support Business" program. Going forward, the LINE Group companies will be working together with the city of Fukuoka in its efforts to promote cashless payments throughout the city.
In June 2018, LINE Pay will be introduced in both city facilities (including zoos and botanical gardens, art and history museums, and bicycle parking) and private businesses (including food stands, taxis, and shopping districts) to conduct a trial for cashless/walletless payments. In addition to LINE Pay, the parties are also considering other options for making further use of LINE's services in this trial, such as having users link their accounts with the city's Official LINE Account (LINE ID: @fukuokacity). Along with the aim of making residents' lives easier and even more convenient, this project will contribute to improving productivity for the small- to mid-sized companies that make up 99% of the city's businesses, as well as make the city more appealing as a center for commerce and tourism.
The LINE Group will continue to work together with local governments as it supports bringing cashless and walletless payments to other regions.