[Global] LINE Adds New Feature "LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF)" to Its Messaging API

2018.06.06 Technology

● Enables implementation of web apps that seamlessly operate within LINE chats    


TOKYO – May 31, 2018 – "LINE Front-end Framework (LIFF)," a new feature of the Messaging API that can be integrated with LINE Business Connect and other API-based LINE accounts, has been launched on the LINE messaging app operated by LINE Corporation.


The LINE Front-end Framework ("LIFF") is a platform that enables the implementation of web apps that operate within LINE chats. When a user launches a web app registered with LIFF within a chat room on LINE, information such as user ID can be retrieved from the LINE platform. This enables a variety of features leveraging users’ account information to be offered to LINE users.

* In order to create LIFF, an API-based LINE account such as LINE Business Connect or a Messaging API-enabled LINE@ channel is required.


By implementing a LIFF app, external developers and companies using LINE Business Connect or other API-based LINE account, or a Messaging API-enabled LINE@ channel, can greatly improve the user experience with a simpler and intuitive operation instead of the current user flow of having to switch back and forth between the LINE chat and web pages.


LIFF eliminates having to temporarily close the LINE app, log in with LINE after being redirected to a web app, and other cumbersome steps. Instead, it uses chat overlay to provide interactive content to users, sends text, images, and other content from the web to users' chat rooms on behalf of users, and much more.


For instance, whereas users needed to click on a link sent to them to transition from the LINE chat to a company's corporate website to enter their customer details and purchase order, all such operations can be performed seamlessly within the LINE app with LIFF. This not only improves the user experience, but also helps to reduce the drop-out rate.


Under its corporate mission of "Closing the Distance," LINE will strengthen its alliances with external companies and partners as well as external developers, and undertake various initiatives. In doing so, LINE will bring users closer to a wide variety of information, services, and products, and create comfortable relationships.


Follow this link for implementation instructions and other information: https://developers.line.me/en/docs/liff/overview/


About the Messaging API

The "Messaging API" is an Application Programming Interface (API) made publicly available by LINE Corporation that enables bilateral communication with users via LINE accounts. In addition to sending messages to users, the Messaging API lets API-based account owners act upon the messages received from users, and even create and develop accounts linked to external services.