[Japan] LINE Pay Launches New Incentive Program

2018.05.29 LINE Pay

· Tiered incentive program "My Level" starting June segments users into reward groups  based on their LINE Pay activity

· Points now also awarded for smartphone-based QR code and barcode payments, and  more

· Exclusive bonuses to be offered to users with a color-coded badge


TOKYO – May 29, 2018 – "My Level," a new incentive program for the smartphone wallet service, "LINE Pay,"  available through the LINE messaging app, will be launched by LINE Pay Corporation on June 1, 2018.


Program overview

"My Level" is a tiered program designed to reward the more active LINE Pay users with bigger benefits.

 The program will be applied to LINE Pay users once their identity is verified by linking their bank account,  which will upgrade their account type from LINE Cash to LINE Money*1. Once enrolled, users will begin to  see a green, blue, red, or white badge, each representing a different level, in the main LINE Pay screen. A  user's badge color is determined by how much he or she uses LINE Pay, and signifies his or her account  status for a particular month*2. A user's LINE Pay activity up to the 20th of every month is measured relative to  the overall service use for the same period. These include QR code and barcode payments, LINE Pay Card  payments, payments with the LINE Pay account balance for online purchases, Scan Bill payments, and  remittances. Levels are updated on the first of every month, with greater rewards given to users with higher  levels.


Incentive details

LINE Pay users with a green, blue, or red badge will be awarded different amounts of LINE Points  depending on their level. The Points can be used as available balance to make purchases, or exchanged for  gifts or services. Users will receive more Points as they level up. In addition to spending with the LINE Pay  Card, users will be awarded Points for making QR code and barcode payments at offline stores, using their  LINE Pay account balance to purchase at online stores, and making Scan Bill payments*3.


Additionally, the program plans to offer users exclusive benefits and deals in the future at participating LINE  Pay merchants that accept QR code and barcode payments. Announcements regarding the launch  schedule and other details will be made via the LINE Pay Official Account (ID: @linepay_jp) and other  channels.


Important notes

*1: LINE Cash accounts (which have not yet registered a bank account to verify the owner's identity) are excluded from  this program, and will not be rewarded with LINE Points or exclusive benefits. Users can check their current account type  by accessing the Wallet tab, tapping Settings under LINE Pay, and tapping Balance Type.

*2: Users can check the color of their badge by accessing the top page of LINE Pay in the Wallet tab. Because a user's  LINE Pay activity is measured relative to the overall service use, a user's level may fluctuate each month.

*3: Points may be earned for transactions totaling up to JPY 100,000 (including tax) per month. While additional  transactions can be made, they will not be awarded LINE Points. Certain stores and services are excluded from the  reward program, and will not reward users with LINE Points.


Under LINE's corporate mission of Closing the Distance, LINE Pay strives to eliminate the many  inconveniences of cash transactions including time, effort, and fees, to bring people, their money, and  services closer together. LINE Pay also aims to lead the mobile FinTech world in anticipation of a cashless,  walletless society, and build a world in which all monetary transactions can be handled entirely through  LINE.


Program overview


LINE Pay "My Level" Program

Who is eligible

LINE Money users (identify verified by linking a bank account)

How a user's level is determined

Users are given a different level depending on their LINE Pay activity up to the 20th of every month. Activities taken into consideration include: QR code and barcode payments, LINE Pay Card payments, payments with the LINE Pay account balance for online purchases, Scan Bill payments, and remittances.

Duration of status

One month (levels are renewed on the first of every month)

Levels and incentives

LINE Money users (identity verified by linking a bank account)

Badge color

Reward (return rate in LINE Points)

Other bonuses


2% (2 Points for every JPY 100)

Yes (available soon)


1% (1 Point for every JPY 100)


0.5% (1 Points for every JPY 200)



LINE Cash users (identity not yet verified by linking a bank account)


Badge color


Other bonuses

No badge



* Program details are current at the time of publication of this press release, and are subject to change.

* The new incentive program will be applied automatically from 12:00 am on June 1, 2018. Rewards for  LINE Pay transactions made after this date will be based on the new program.


LINE Pay Corporation Overview (as of December 11, 2017)

Company Name: LINE Pay Corporation

Location of Head Office: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 23F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Yongsu Ko, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

Capital: JPY 2.950 billion

Established: May 9, 2014

Primary Business:

- Issuance, sales, and management of e-money, other electronic monetary value, and advance payment  methods, provision of digital payment systems, and funds transfer

- Sales and operation of LINE@

- Service development

- Advertising agency


Official website: https://line.me/en/pay

LINE Official Account: @linepay_jp (Japanese only)

Official Twitter page: https://twitter.com/linepay_jp (Japanese only)

List of LINE Pay merchants: https://line.me/ja/pay/merchant (Japanese only)


LINE Pay Corporation has become a registered member of the following organizations in association with  the launch of its business:

- Issuers of Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business (Registration number: Kanto Director  General 00669, Registration date: October 1, 2014)

- Funds Transfer Service Providers (Registration number: Kanto Director General 00036, Registration date:  October 1, 2014)

- Japan Payment Service Association (http://www.s-kessai.jp, Admission date: August 6, 2014)