【LINE Clova】LINE Launches Doraemon Edition of Its Latest Smart Speaker, Clova Friends mini

2018.05.31 AI

● Doraemon-themed "Clova Friends mini (Doraemon)" launches June 1

● Users can speak to Doraemon just by saying "Hey Clova, let Doraemon talk"


TOKYO – May 31, 2018 – LINE Corporation announces that "Clova Friends mini (Doraemon)," its limited-edition Doraemon-themed smart speaker powered by LINE's Clova AI assistant, goes on sale at stores across Japan on June 1, 2018. 

"Clova Friends mini" official site: https://clova.line.me/clova-friends-mini/ (open from 12am on June 1; Japanese only)

"Clova Friends mini (Doraemon)" official site: https://clova.line.me/clova-friends-mini/doraemon/ (open from 12am on June 1; Japanese only)


LINE learned through user survey its "Clova Friends" (released in 2017) smart speakers are being used by users across many age demographics in a variety of different scenarios, such as when they are taking a break, getting ready for the day, and waking up.*1 By adding Doraemon's personality into the equation, LINE hopes its users will make even greater use of its smart speakers as a family.

*1: See the official Clova blog for information on the survey results ( http://clova-blog.line.me/ja/archives/9666668.html ; Japanese only)


In addition to all the features available in the original Clova Friends, this newly-released Clova Friends mini (Doraemon) includes Doraemon's voice and lets users have fun talking with the character using the "Doraemon Talk (Clova)" feature. By saying "Hey Clova, let Doraemon talk," Doraemon will reply with "It's me, Doraemon! I'm glad we can chat." and various other responses.


Example conversations


Conversations with Doraemon make reference to 51 of his secret gadgets, his famous lines, and include interesting scenarios about his beloved bean paste-filled "dorayaki" pancakes and the worst-of-the-worst -- mice. For example, if a user says "it's hot," Doraemon will respond with "How about an Eskimo Water? Every time you say it's hot, you'll feel 3℃ cooler" or other interesting replies. In addition to giving users the feeling as if they are speaking directly with Doraemon, he will also respond to requests such as "sing something" and "say a tongue-twister." LINE is also considering making further updates to the software to expand upon the possible responses and to give users an even more exciting experience chatting with Doraemon.


After undertaking a major collaboration with "Doraemon the Movie: Nobita's Treasure Island" this year, LINE will also be releasing a limited-edition version of Clova Friends mini (Doraemon), outfitted in his costume from the movie to commemorate it becoming the highest-grossing movie in the series. The 200 units will be available for purchase from June 1 at the Fujiko F Fujio Museum and Rakuten Books.


LINE Clova has always been improved through updates based on user feedback and requests. LINE will continue to actively take in user feedback as LINE Clova makes users' day-to-day lives even more convenient and enjoyable as a "growing speaker."



Product overview

Clova Friends mini (Doraemon)

Price: JPY 5,400 (including tax)

Where to buy: On the order page on the official LINE Clova website and at certain electronics retailers across Japan*2

*2: See the official Clova blog for information on where to purchase the unit ( http://clova-blog.line.me/ja/archives/9503241.html ; Japanese only)


Clova Friends mini (Doraemon) Special Costume Set

Price: JPY 19,872 (including tax)

Where to buy: Fujiko F Fujio Museum; Rakuten Books ( https://books.rakuten.co.jp/rb/15500201/ )



About LINE Clova

LINE has embedded its AI assistant Clova in both the first-edition smart speaker, Clova WAVE (released October 2017), and second-edition smart speaker themed after LINE's popular characters Brown and Sally, Clova Friends (released December 2017).

Though Clova Friends mini (Doraemon) may be a mere 1/500 the weight (260g) and 1/12 (11cm) the height of the real Doraemon, thanks to the on-board AI assistant Clova, it's packed with all of the basic Clova Friends features, including: playing music, reading out information (including weather, horoscopes, and news), sending and reading LINE messages, placing and receiving LINE free voice calls, telling stories, and more.



Clova Friends mini feature list




About Clova Friends mini (Doraemon)




Product Name

Clova Friends mini Doraemon


72 mm × 72 mm x 109.7mm




RAM: 512MB LPDDR3 Storage: 4GB   eMMC(x8) Flash


Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n (2.4GHz, 5GHz)
Bluetooth 4.2




2,000mAh / 3.7V internal battery


7W Class D Amp, 45mm Full Range


2 internal mics

Supported OS

Android 4.4 or above / iOS 9.0 or above

Supported Languages


* Specifications are subject to change.

* A personal LINE account and the LINE Clova app are required to use this product. Users can register by connecting to the Clova Friends mini unit from the LINE Clova app.


Official LINE Clova website (Japanese only): https://clova.line.me/ 

Official LINE Clova Twitter account (Japanese only): https://twitter.com/LINE_Clova 

Official LINE Clova Facebook account (Japanese only): https://www.facebook.com/LINE.Clova/ 

Official LINE Clova blog (Japanese only): http://clova-blog.line.me/ja/


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