[Japan] LINE Pay Code Payments Coming to SANKO MARKETING FOODS Locations Today

2018.05.28 LINE Pay

● Smartphone payments to be accepted at approximately 102 restaurants (including Kin no Kura, Akamaruya, and Tsuki no Shizuku chains) in the Tokyo area and across Japan


TOKYO – May 24, 2018 – LINE Pay Corporation ("LINE Pay"), operator of the LINE Pay smartphone digital wallet service available through the LINE messaging app, will be introducing LINE Pay code payments at restaurants operated and managed by SANKO MARKETING FOODS Co., Ltd. ("SANKO MARKETING FOODS") starting today.


SANKO MARKETING FOODS operates Kin no Kura, Akamaruya, and other restaurant chains, mainly in the Tokyo area. The company has decided to implement the smartphone-based LINE Pay code payment option in order to provide greater convenience to its customers.

As a promotional campaign to commemorate the LINE Pay launch, special deals are planned to be offered at SANKO MARKETING FOODS restaurants in the future.


Important notes

LINE Pay will not be accepted at certain restaurant chains, such as Chikara Meshi and Rakugama Seimenjo.


LINE Pay code payments are a cashless and walletless payment method that allows users to make payments in one of two ways: by launching the LINE Pay code screen from the LINE app on their smartphone and have the displayed QR code or barcode scanned at the register; or using their smartphone to scan the store's code.

SANKO MARKETING FOODS' restaurants have implemented the mobile payment StarPay (SUNMI V1) terminal and the StarPay payment app from NETSTARS CO., LTD. (which LINE Pay Corporation has entered into a capital alliance and partnership with). Users can make payments by getting the QR code displayed on their device scanned at the terminal.


Any LINE user can instantly register for LINE Pay from within the LINE app and start using the service by agreeing to the Terms and Conditions of Use. After registering and adding funds (from a bank account, at a convenience store, or by other means) to their account balance, users simply need to use their smartphone to start making payments at LINE Pay merchants that have implemented code payments.


LINE Pay will close the distance between people, money, and services by eliminating the current pain-points – time, effort, fees, and more – of circulating money. LINE Pay also aims to lead the mobile Fintech world in anticipation of a cashless, walletless society.


Making Payments with LINE Pay (QR Code)

1) Using a smartphone, access the "Wallet" tab in LINE, and tap "Pay with My Code" at the top.

2) Enter your passcode* to display your code (* skipped if already entered when launching LINE Pay)

3) Show the code screen at the register to the cashier and tell them you will be making a payment

4) Scan the QR code (done by the cashier)

5) Take your receipt (a completion message will be sent to your LINE app when the payment is completed)




Location of Head Office: FORECAST 5F, 1-10-14 Shinkawa, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Takahiro Hirabayashi, Representative Director and President

Capital: JPY 2.390 billion

Established: April 1977

Primary Business: Restaurant operations


LINE Pay Corporation Overview (as of December 11, 2017)

Company Name: LINE Pay Corporation

Location of Head Office: JR Shinjuku Miraina Tower 23F, 4-1-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo

Representative: Yongsu Ko, Representative Director and Chief Executive Officer

Capital: JPY 2.950 billion

Established: May 9, 2014

Primary Business:

- Issuance, sales, and management of e-money, other electronic monetary value, and advance payment methods, provision of digital payment systems, and funds transfer

- Sales and operation of LINE@

- Service development

- Advertising agency


LINE Pay Corporation has become a registered member of the following organizations in association with the launch of its business:

- Issuers of Prepaid Payment Instruments for Third-Party Business (Registration number: Kanto Director General 00669, Registration date: October 1, 2014)

- Funds Transfer Service Providers (Registration number: Kanto Director General 00036, Registration date: October 1, 2014)